This is my go-to hairstyle when I'm too lazy to do my hair, I don't want to wear a top not, and I have like 8 minutes to style it.

I prefer heatless waves for the most natural waves, but you have to set you waves the night before and sometimes I want those natural waves in 15 minutes. I’ll share my favorite heatless hairstyles in another blog post, but in a pinch this routine is my go-to. If I want to wear my hair “natural” but tame the frizz, then this is my go-to routine!



Step 1. Heat Protection Please

If you have dry, wavy, or color treated hair, then it’s important to protect it. The waver I use doesn’t have a thermal setting, so you can’t adjust it properly. ┬áHeat causes damage, dullness, and split ends and this one gets pretty hot, so I like to protect my hair as much as possible. I haven’t found a favorite heat protectant just yet, but this thermal spray by Kenra is nice if you want to try something new.

Step 2. Wave Time

So, this waver is great and affordable. Again, the downside is that it only has an off and on switch. Since my hair is fairly wavy (and again I do this when I’m in rush) I only focus on the mid to top sections and I only hold the waver for a few seconds. The longer you hold the more crimped/wavy it looks. To keep it looking more natural, I like to hold for a few seconds.

Step 3. Finishing Cream

Depending on your hair type you can set with a texture spray or hair spray, but I like my hair to feel soft, so I’ll either use a frizz-free oil or a finishing cream. My hairstylist suggest a finishing cream on the ends (blow dry cream, hand cream, or pomade)