In this post I share the difference between Vermeil, Plated, and Dipped Jewelry. Some of my favorite organizing tips as well as my jewelry essentials! I linked the pieces I rock almost everyday and that I think you'll lobe too.
Laying out my jewelry inspires me to grab and wearing them often.

If you’re following me, then you know I LOBE LOBE LOBE jewelry! I like stacking, layering (I’ll even mix silver & gold) and I LOBE jewelry that is super unique and personal. I’ve grown quite the collection the last couple years and if you want to see it all go peep this Collection Video and this Collection Video –  I share EVERYTHING. As my lobe affair with jewelry keeps growing, I want to pass along some jewelry tips, so you can grow a great collection too. In this post I’ll be sharing the difference between solid gold, gold plated, gold filled and Vermeil (said like Ver-may)? Yes there’s difference. I’ll also be sharing how to store your jewelry and some of my favorite places to purchase from too!


If solid gold was more affordable I would tell you sold gold is the best type of jewelry. Hands down, solid gold is the BEST type to purchase. Solid gold is what fine jewelry is made out of – think wedding rings and most heirloom jewelry – the expensive stuff.  It’s the best option if you want  to wear your jewelry every single day – the shower, pool, washing the dishes, even while getting ready and spraying perfume. It’s literally something you never have to remove. There’s no base metal, so it won’t tarnish, which also means It’s hypoallergenic, so if your skin is sensitive or acidic it won’t tarnish the metal either. Tarnish simply means the gold is rubbing off. Solid gold is an investment, but that means you can wear it every single day and there is resale value too. It can also be melted and turned into something new.

Gold plated is the most affordable. It’s the jewelry you buy from Forever 21 or Target that will tarnish as you wear it. I find that to be super annoying, but plated can be a great option if you want to experiment with a style or a trend of jewelry that’s catching your eye. Sadly, there really is no long wear use. And, the more you wear the more it Tarnishes. Gold plated simply means a base metal (usually nickel, copper, or brass) that is quickly dipped in gold. The gold will easily wear off if it’s exposed to air, sweat, liquids, perfume, or lotion. Simply wearing your jewelry will make the gold rub off. Gold plated isn’t the best option, but it’s super affordable and jewelry that tends to cause allergic reactions too. Some of my favorite hoops are gold plated, but they don’t tarnish as bad as rings or other necklaces I own.

If Solid Gold is too expensive, then your BEST option is Gold Filled or Vermeil (said like Ver-may). Most of my collection is made up of pieces that are gold filled or vermeil and I highly recommend. I do have a lot of solid gold jewelry, but my everyday tends to be gold filled and vermeil. It’s a better price point and you can actually get some great wear. Gold filled is when gold is chemically melted onto a base metal ( nickel, copper, or brass). When gold is melted onto a base metal, it doesn’t matter what the base metal is. Vermeil is one of my favorites, because the base metal is sterling silver. I find that to be one of the best quality and it feels like solid gold too. The gold doesn’t wear off as fast, but you can also get it re-dipped if it does.



I find displaying my jewelry the best storage method for me. Every person has their own method storing their jewelry and many have disagreed about my way, but it just works for me!  I’m inspired to wear my jewelry, when I can see it.  I think that’s important to note, don’t waste your money on jewelry if you’re not going to wear it.



My favorite way to store my necklaces is with this Umbra 3 tier hanging organizer.  It’s kind of bulky, but it’s literally the BEST THING I’ve ever. So many necklaces can fit on it, they NEVER get tangled, and every time I look at it I’m inspired to wear necklaces. I even divided it, so one side has silver necklaces and the other side is all gold.  I even have solid gold necklaces mixed with plated gold and vermeil pieces. Also, haven’t noticed any significant tarnishing with this way of storing either.




I also have this cute stand to store my hoop earrings. Hoops are definitely a staple in my jewelry collection, so I have a great assortment. I had them stored on a marble tray, but it looked messy. I scored the marble tray from Urban Outfitters a couple years ago, but here is a similar marble tray if you’re into it. I like the marble tray for smaller and finer pieces of jewelry. But, this hoop earring stand (STYLE C) look so chic, keeps my hoops all organized and I feel so organized when I look at it!!


And, the most recent additions was this acrylic earring organizer and this bracelet holder. I have small studs and smaller hoops that didn’t quite fit on the larger hoop stand, so this was a great option. It’s kind of big and I haven’t filled every hole, but I’m sure I’ll fill it up soon! And I’m obsessed with gold bracelets right now, so I bought this bracelet holder to store them too.



I think every babe needs a pair of Gold Hoops , either plated, filled, or solid gold, whatever your budget is, they’re a must and go with EVERYTHING. And I lobe all sizes. Huggies (Amazon has great options) are a great everyday option for babes that are just starting to embrace hoops, thin gold hoops (Mejuri has great options) are a great if you want a larger hoop, but don’t want something too bold. And, tube hoops are my absolute favorite!! Most of the tube hoops I own are gold plated and my favorites are by Luv Aj. I’ve noticed her pieces haven’t tarnished and I wear them almost EVERYDAY –  just not in the shower though. Also, feel free to use my promo code (LIZBETH30) for 30% off your entire purchase.


Gold Necklaces are another must. I have so many different styles and lengths and I lobe layering and stacking. I like a bold chain and pieces that are dainty, but also super personal. I have do have solid gold necklaces, because my best friend is a fine jeweler and she gifted me some great pieces through out the years, but I also have some vintage chains that I thrifted, and even this heart pendant that holds my Dad’s ashes. I have a variety of necklaces at all price points, so have fun and mix them up.



Lastly,  rings & wrist jewelry.  When it comes to rings that’s a personal preference, but I definitely recommend option for solid gold, gold filled, or vermeil, because we’re always washing our hands and applying lotion and that causes plated to tarnish quickly. A watch is a classic must-have and there are so many great options out there. I have a vintage Rolex, which is timeless and means I’ll never have to buy another watch again. So, when it comes to watches I think the more classic the better, they’ll never go out of style. I also discovered this brand called Breda. I dig their vintage timeless feel, but they’re a new brand.  And, gold bracelets are new pieces I’ve been adding to my collection. I have the Cartier Love Bracelet that I never take off as well as this gold Figaro bracelet from Aurate that I have not taken off either. Some other additions are this Vintage gold bracelet I scored from 14k Vintage Jewelry shop off Instagram and this gold vermeil tennis bracelet I thrifted a few months ago. Instagram is another great way to support small businesses and score more affordable solid gold jewelry.



If you’ve want to grow a nice collection, but are on a budget, I’d suggest reaching out to your family. My collection started with pieces my parents gifted me, but also pieces my Mom passed off to me. Heirloom pieces are the best. But, maybe your family isn’t big on jewelry? I suggest thrifting or second hand. Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop affordable second hand fine gold pieces, but you can also find new pieces from smaller businesses too. I lobe thrifting too! This gold rope chain and cubic vermeil tennis bracelet are two of my favorite pieces and I scored them at a thrift store. Instagram has become a fun way to find one of a kind second hand gold pieces too!! I scored my gold bracelet from 14K Vintage and if you follow her, Instagram will recommend an assortment of second hadn’t jewelry shops to discover. And, if you just want to try some pieces and styles before you invest, definitely go the gold plated route.



Here is a list of my favorite jewelry brands.  I’ve been super happy with pieces from here brands and they have little to no tarnishing, unless otherwise stated.


Definitely my favorite place to purchase hoops from. Amanda’s designed an amazing tube hoop that is chunky and light and wear them EVERYDAY. She also launched a skinny version and a smaller version of the hoops.   She has a great assortment of huggies too (be sure to use my 30% for an extra discount) and fun statement earrings too. She also makes necklaces and bracelets, but her earrings are my absolute favorite. 


Is an affordable fine jewelry company. They’re focused on sustainability, transparent pricing, and quality. I’ll be honest the most “affordable” pieces are definitely smaller, but they’re great everyday wear. They only sell Gold Vermeil and Sold Gold, so you’re getting pieces that are made to last. I have this Figaro bracelet that is vermeil and I haven’t taken it off since I got it and these pave diamond hoops that are absolutely stunning and go witH everything.


Is a small business that I’ve been lobing lately!! The founder and I attended to the same college and she kindly gifted me some great pieces. They’re a steal in my opinion and she has a great assortment. She has a version of the Rope chain necklace that I absolutely lobe, so I’ll link it here! I have a couple chains from her and I haven’t seen them tarnish or wear, so definitely recommend. Lobe supporting a Latinx Small Business.


This is another great place for quality jewelry. They sell sterling silver, vermeil and solid gold. I have a great assortment of earrings and necklaces as well as rings that were gifted me through the years, so trust me,  you can’t go wrong with any piece!! Some of my faves are their croissant pieces and a pair of the  gold stud earrings.


Jewelry from LiliClaspe was a recent purchase for me. A bit pricey, but I saw these tube hoops on Instagram and instantly fell in lobe with some of her other pieces. Lili Claspe was having  a sale, so I scored them a bit discounted, but shed does fine jewelry as well, but most of her pieces are plated. Lili Claspe is a bit more bohemian and feminine,  but I really like the variety of classic style. I’ve haven’t noticed any of my pieces tarnishing either. I also have these double hoop earring that I lobe! They are so easy to layer and look super cool.  If you wan to see them styled be sure to peep my IGTV jewelry styling videos too.


This was a recent instagram ad discovery, but one of the bests!! Their pieces are super affordable and feel like great quality, but they’re actually plated! I bought myself these butterfly studs and lobe them so much!!