A couple moths ago I came across an IG story that asked:


It made me wonder what I would title mine. We live in a time that hasn’t always shared real struggles. An era that embraces YOLO (you only live once) and then FOMO (fear of missing out), which leads people to do things and feel things that push them farther from their truth. And, then there is this comparison trap and thinking we’re not doing and being enough compared to the highlights people are sharing.  I think this lack of honesty is doing damage to our psyche and I’m tired of it.  Social media has been part of the most forward thinking and inspiring movements, but super discouraging at the same time. 

I don’t want my platform to discourage you or ever make you feel bad about yourself. I’ve created this space to motivate, inspire, and encourage ya’ll to try new things. But, also share challenging experiences in my life. 

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved connecting to people on a deeper level and as I’ve continued to share my love for fashion and beauty, sharing who I am and how I deal with real-life experiences has surprisingly followed. So, if you’ve been following me a while, then you know I love being honest and sharing my life – from shocking dating experiences, the ex’s I’m thankful for, and how I’m dealing with my Father’s cancer. But, my Father going through Cancer  has definitely been the toughest and most heart breaking experience of my life. Also humbling, eye opening, and motivating too.  I’ve always been one to find the silver lining in every hardship, but this experience has forced me to be compassionate and understand you can’t map life out.


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Chapter 28: Keep Moving and Keep Going

We’ve been dealing with my Dad’s cancer since I was 23, but it has gotten more serious this past year. My Dad has gone through invasive surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, scary emergency room visits, even traveling to another state for treatment. It’s been a wild year and I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and more uncertain than ever. But, deep down, I’m surprisingly motivated too. Sharing these rough and dark times on Instagram has been cathartic. I’ve received so many messages and words of encouragement from babes I don’t even know, but that completely understand what I’m going through.

Which leads me to the title of my current chapter – Chapter 28: Keep Moving and Keep Going. With all the dark times I’ve seen, sadness, and anxiety I’ve felt, I’ve learned to keep moving – keep smiling, keep chasing after dreams and to keep going. I’ve been awoken to the fact that  life will always be a balance of good and bad, so we need to handle both lightly. I’ve also learned we’re all going through tough things, but the majority of us don’t talk about them. Which baffles me, because if I never shared my struggles I wouldn’t have felt encouraged or supported when I needed it most. There is so much value sharing tough times. As heartbreaking, embarrassing, or emotional sharing what you’ve gone through can be, you’ll be amazed and surprised that it could inspire and help someone 10 fold. We can learn something valuable from each other and there is something beautiful knowing we’re all experiencing tough times. I like knowing we’re not alone, but it does take strong and honest people to remind us. 



The Chapters of Other Babes

I have proof of that, because I asked my followers  what they would title the current chapter of their life. I’m honored that some of you babes felt comfortable sharing your chapter time with me and I’m so glad you did, because there was one common thread: everyone is going through something. Peep some chapter titles are below:

  • “Getting my Shit together”
  • “Millennial Life Crisis”
  • “The Bend in the Road”
  • “Needing Motivation”
  • “Rebirth”
  • “Keep Going Baby Girl…”
  • “Growing Pains”
  • “Chchchchcanges”
  • “Underconstruction”

I loved that you babes shared this with me, because it inspired me to share and prove we’re all going through tough times. Some are better at sharing it than others, but I want to encourage ya’ll to get comfortable with sharing your struggles. You might touch someone’s heart and give them a perspective and encouragement they need.  As my platform grow, I’m really inspired to be honest and open about struggles as possible. I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be perfect, but real & honest about the good times and bad times too. I never want to make someone feel inferior or discouraged to be true to themselves or that my journey is better than theirs. We all have our own paths and I think a little honesty will help others stop feeling like their own life isn’t good enough. 

So, just remember, when you’re going through tough times or scrolling through social media – we’re all going through shit. Keep your head up, embrace who you are and stop comparing your journey to others. We’re all in different chapters of our lives. 

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