Preventative Botox

Have you been curious about Botox? Does it even work? Can it be done naturally??
This is what Botox Looks Like

I can not believe I’m writing a blog post about Botox. If you asked me 10 years ago, if I’d ever consider Botox, my answer would be HELL NO. It didn’t scare me per se, my Mom would get it done regularly, but the idea of injecting something foreign into my face, kind of freaked me out. 10 years later my thoughts about Botox have changed. I say try it out, you might like it too, but I have some major info to share if you’re considering it too.

Last year I decided to get Botox, because I hated the furrowed brows I started to develop. They gave me resting bitch face (RBF) and that’s far from who I am. So, I got more curious about Botox. I’ll be honest, my decision to try Botox wasn’t simple, but my Mom had an appointment for a refill and she encouraged me to try it to see if I liked it.  I was super nervous and did the lowest amount of units possible. I was scared, so the lowest about of units possible, which was about 10 units. The units that can be injected range  8-25 units. In 2018 I got Botox 3 times. My first Botox experience was in February (10 units), Second treatment was in July (13 units), and third treatment was 15 units. All injections looked super natural and stopped my RBF.

So, if you’ve been considering Botox and have been wanting to try it, I say go for it. I definitely suggest a consultation to see if you’re ready for it and like the specialist administering the Botox. I definitely recommend speaking to the specialist, licensed person, or medical person about any questions concerning your health and any side effects with Botox too.

And, lastly Botox is a personal preference. We have the right to our own body and no one should judge or make others feel bad for what they wan to do to it. This blog post is meant to inform, educate, and share my personal experience with Botox. This is extra information that I’ve learned during my Botox journey, so If you want to know more about Botox and my experience with it keep reading:


What the heck is Botox?!

Botox is a manmade injectable drug called botulinum toxin type A. Sounds scary, because it has the word toxin and many people get nervous, because it’s the same botulism that has been known to poison people and even cause death. But, in small doses Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is safe. Botox is used both medically (for migraines, eye twitching, and excessive sweating to name a few) and cosmetically to to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (furrowed brows, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles).

How does Botox actually work?

This injectable drug works by attaching to the receptors in the muscle (forehead, brows, crow’s feet or other specific medical approved areas) causing the muscle become paralyzing. Basically Botox attaches to the nerves in your muscles and it stops the communications from your brain to the muscles, so your muscle doesn’t tense and becomes more relaxed. Simply, relaxing the muscle so you don’t wrinkly anymore. Botox wears off in about 3-6 months later – depending on what you get injected. Botox helps the muscle become less stiff which helps prevent the wrinkles that cause RBF or crows feet.

What age is a good age to start?

There is no such thing as a good age to start. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has approved the use of Botox for ages 18-65, but a good rule of thumb is to start when you keep noticing wrinkles that bother you. Again, this is all personal preference, so starting in your 20s or 30s even 40s is up to you. A good age for Botox is when you have wrinkles that really bother you. In my case my RBF. 

What are the potential Side Effects?

We’re all made up of different genetics and DNA, so side effects differ for each of us. Many of us won’t experience side effects (I haven’t besides a headache), but some people do. A friend of mine experienced her tongue swell after Botox, which I found out is super rare. Besides a slight headache I got little bumps at the injection site, but they went away 5 min with ice. Other side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Bruising
  • Bumps for 5 mins that go down
  • Potential eyelid dropping
  • Flulike symptoms
  • Hives
  • Rash
  • Wheezing and sweeping

Do I need to prep for Botox?

No need to prep for Botox. You do need to be mindful about blood thinners. Do not use any blood thinners (like baby aspirin) before your treatment, because you’ll bleed. If you’re taking fish oil vitamins you’ll need to stop that for a couple days, because those are blood thinners too. Also, don’t drink alcohol a couple nights before. 

How many units should I get?

That depends on what you’re doing. I started small. If you’re nervous definitely start small, because you can increase. As I shared, I started with 10 units, then bumped it up to 13 units and this last time at Facile I did 15 units. There is a a huge range. You can start at 5 and go all the way to 25 units. If you’re just starting a Dr will be able to tell strength of your muscles and suggest a perfect amount. 

What’s the healing process?

All you’ll need is a little Ice once your specialist is done with injecting. Don’t work out that day. Don’t massage that area that day, you need to let it naturally infuse into the area. If you do have a bruise that will last a couple days.

When will it not look natural?

If  you get too much, then it will look unnatural. If your provider doesn’t inject it properly, then it can look weird. Be sure to look at before and after images of providers work, so you can make sure you’re choosing the proper provider. 

Does it leave your face stiff?

It will only leave your face still if you use too much and it’s placed improperly.

How often should I get it?

It all depends on how many units you’re getting. I’m averaging about ever 5 months, but depending on your muscles and body the range can be from every 3-6 months.


Best tip for finding the right Botox person?

When you go in for a consultation make sure you get a good vibe from the specialist. A good tip is to look at their portfolio. Referral are always great (GO SEE LENA AT FACILE). Yelp isn’t the most reliable, so make sure you do your research, but ultimately trust your gut. Trust the vibe and energy you get from the person that’s doing it also their location – don’t go to botox at someone’s house. 

How much does it cost?

It all depends on where you go and how much it costs per unit. The price per unit for botox ranges from $11-15. The total price depends on how many units you’re getting.  Facile charges $15 a unit so if you start with a small amount of units it can cost between ($110 – $300). The more units you get the more expensive it is. Also, you’ll want to pass on Groupon discounts for this type of service. Although you might want to save money, it’s safer and more reliable to find someone that isn’t giving botox at a discounted rate.