Second hand fashion is a big lobe of mine! I grew up thrifting and buying vintage with my Mom & Grandfather. I’m forever thankful for that because I’ve scored some amazing things for a fraction of the price. And, I think that’s the best feeling when it comes to designer bags. They’re so pricey and such a status symbol, but I lobe them for the craftsmanship and quality. I shared why second hand luxury bags are the best in this post, so go peep that. A cliff note’s of that post is that I lobe how it’s more sustainable to buy second hand, because they last a for years and they have resale value. If you’ve been dreaming of a designer bag and can’t seem to justify the brand-new price tag, then shop second hand! I have 3 tips that will help you find the most perfect designer bag!

TIP 1 – RESEARCH – I feel like this is kind of like buying a car or any big investment, because it is.

Find the bag that is for you and learn about it. Be sure to peep the website and learn all the specs, dimensions, logo placement, even color ways. Figure out what you truly LOBE about the bag. There are also sooo many resources that will educate you on these designer bags too. Youtube videos are a great place to share all those details, like the designers that make them, even what makes the bags real/fake. I’ve linked resources in my Youtube video, but Yoogis closet even breaks down hardware details and color ways so you can reference when you’re shopping.

Then I suggest go visit it in the store. You need to see it IRL to see if you really like it. If it’s practical, but most importantly so you know what you’re puchasing and can see what it looks and feels like. To make sure it’s authentic.  Most salespeople know bags are an investment, so if you feel weird or shy just go look at the bag, don’t. Some salespeople are rude, but not all. This is your $$ and if you’re going drop a large amount.. Don’t feel bad about it looking at it and not paying for there.

Also, a boutique may not have the exact bag, but seeing the brand’s bags IRL allows you to get a feel for the bag. Investigate and see what makes the bag real, so you can remember. Feel the leather and look at the hardware. Various designers have authenticity cards too and there are authenticity sites that break down details – I shared a list in the Youtube video above.

Again, I’m not into buying designer bags just because everyone else has them or that it can signify status, so if you do treat yourself, be sure to buy what you LOBE.



I purchased a few bags off Etsy. My Fendi baguette in this blog post was a $100 find and also picked up the cutest Gucci hobo bag. Their pricing is great and you can message the seller for more photos and details about the bag. I’ve found them to be very helpful, kind, and respond quickly.


I find them to be a bit pricey,  but I do like that they will buy the bag back for a discounted rate.  They also offer free shipping and free returns even have layaway too if you don’t have the money right away.


I’ve never purchased through Tradesy, but I did collaborate with them in the past and got to style and wear their bags for a few weeks and all of their bags are authentic.

Dallas Designer Hand Bags

This was a random find, but I purchased my Louis Vuitton backpack for a great price. It was definitely worn in, but they had more than one style and each were varying price points, so you could score something more affordable and worn or more expensive and in pristine condition.


I haven’t purchased form here yet, but they have a variety of bags and tons of Chanel at a feasible price point! A lot of second hand buys on Youtube raved about this spot, so had to share.

The Real Real 

I purchased my Bottega Venetta bag from the Real Real!! They have 20% off sales, so you can score things at a reasonable price. They’re return policy is great but sometimes it’s final sale, so be mindful of that. I lobe the variety and they have a lot of new styles.


I’ve never purchased from here, but I’ve heard good things.


Definitely one of my favorite places and it’s so easy to search and find what you want. I also lobe that you can DM a seller and they are open to negotiate.


Surprisingly, there are so many great stores on IG that sell second hand and even authenticate for you too.  I’ve linked some below, but once you start searching for second hand designer your Instagram account will start recommending them to you in your discovery page. And if you follow some you’ll be suggested more second hand/vintage shops. I definitely gone down the rabit hole on instagram, but found some great places. Thats where I scored my pink Prada!. I’ve only purchased from Odessarae, but these accounts listed below have caught my eye and I’ve followed them.



These places are where you can find the gems. I heard a story that a girl thrifted a Chanel bag for $14 and got it authenticated to confirm it was real. So if you’re not necessarily LOOKING for a designer bag when you go thrifting or vintage shopping peep the purses or bins, because you might find a gem.

If the bag is super cheap and you’re not sure if it’s real or fake, I’d say buy it. And, then have it authenticated. There are websites that will do that for you too for $14-60. That isn’t too much to spend if you score a bag that cost a couple thousand dollars.



I’m sure you’re still worried about authenticity if you’re spending a lot, but there are some great ways to decipher and make sure the bag is real. There are also websites and purse forums out there that will authenticate for you. I linked them in my Youtube, but thankfully I haven’t had any authenticity issues. If you’re worried:

    • Ask seller for more photos if you’re unsure. If they don’t respond and you’re super worried move on.
    • Also if you followed step #1 then you’ll already know what you’re getting and pictures will confirm.
    • Two things to note in photos: make sure there is a serial number and an authenticity card. Authenticity cards aren’t necessary, but it will increase your resale value if you do want to resale it.
    • Make sure there is a good return policy. Luckily every bag I’ve purchased there was a good return policy, so that gave me a sense of peace in case I wasn’t in love or it wasn’t real.
    • And if you’re that worried about purchasing something… purchase through paypal.
      • They offer protection if your bag isn’t real and you’ll get your $$ back.

So, those are all my tips!! Hope you find your special bag and if you do be sure to dm me!!!