I love setting goals and there is no better time to decide on new goals than with the new year starts. I definitely don’t think you need a new year to get a jump start on goals or fix habits that annoy you, but there is something inspiring and encouraging about doing it around the new year. You either love resolutions or hate them, but I love them. I thought I’d share my resolutions to help inspire and encourage you to make one or two New Year Resolutions for yourself, but also to hold me accountable for my resolutions:

Be a little Selfish With My Time:

If you’ve been following me, then you’re aware that my Dad is battling cancer and 2018 was the toughest year of my life. It has been the most gut wrenching experience to see my Dad suffer and I hated pondering what life would be like without him, but we’re making it through day by day. He’s a fighter and as of right now Pops is doing well. He’s feeling better and his cancer is somewhat stable, so while he heals, I’m going to be a bit more selfish with my time. I always want to be there for my Dad, but some days he really doesn’t need me. I tend to worry about him and let those What-if scenarios flood my mind,  which causes a lot of anxiety and prevents me from really using my time towards my goals. It’s so easy to let my mind run and worry about the bad, which in turn wastes my time on creating more content. So, when those good days roll around I’m forcing myself to get selfish and focused with my time and STOP wasting it on the bad. This year I will trust he’ll be okay and use my time wisely. I will schedule more days to shoot and work on content and spend more time with my friends. All of that has bene going to back burner, but since we’re doing alright right now, I will more selfish with my time and keep chasing my goals also get back on my workout grind! 

Don’t Feel Bad About Being Selfish With my Time:

Along with forcing myself to be a bit more selfish with my time I’m going to stop feeling bad a bout it. Idk if it’s a latin thing, but some days I’m not in the mood to do what other people want to do or need me to do and I feel so guilty about it. I want to start owning up to what I want and don’t want and stop feeling bad about it. I’m definitely a people pleaser and worry about upsetting people, but I’m tired of that because it takes away my time. Worrying about disappointing people has made me do things I really didn’t want to do and caused me to step away from my happiness and goals. I’m ready to stop feeling bad about doing what I want and what makes me happy. I’ve realized if someone has a problem with it I have to understand they’re not meant to be in my life, but those that love me unconditionally will always be there no matter what I feel, want, and don’t want to do. 


Scheduled a little time for myself to get my nails and toes done via MiniLuxe Nail Brentwood Nail Salon 


I love to travel and I’ve traveled to some amazing places, but I don’t do enough of it. My Mom and I recently took a weekend trip to Vegas and although not the most inspiring destination, traveling there definitely inspired to take more weekend trips to get out and explore. I’ve decided that traveling falls under the category of being selfish with my time. One of the trips I’ll definitely be making in 2019 is visiting New York. It’s one of my favorite cities and the last time I was there was with Glossier in 2017. I got to celebrate my 27th Birthday with Glossier and Emily Weiss – it was a dream. So, I’ll be planning a NY trip really soon. I want to see the Glossier fam, see the new store and HQ. I also want to visit other places, so stay tuned for that.  

Read One Book a Month:

I love to read books, especially those that inspire and share tips that will make me live my best self, but I’ve realized reading a whole book has become a once a year thing. I’ve read amazing books in high school, college, and grad school, but since then I can count on one had the amount of books I’ve read. That’s so embarrassing to me, so I want to read one book a month. January’s book is called Becoming by Michelle Obama and so far I’m reading it every night. I’m wondering if I should start a book club? Or maybe share the books I want to read? Lmk! Someone already Dm’d about making a highlights section for the books I read. 

Get Organized (Room + Office):

I’m definitely an organized mess. I know where things are, but it definitely isn’t aesthetically pleasing. One of my big goals for 2019 is to organize my room and office and keep it organized all year long. I attempted that last year and started an organizing series about it last year, but when Dad’s treatment got more serious, I kind of pushed organizing to the side. This is the year though!! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen the overhaul I’m doing. I want my room to be an aesthetically pleasing place. I’m home a lot, so it would be nice to be able to shoot content at home and also live in a space I’m proud of. Being disorganized is super embarrassing to me. I’m excited to have a space that feels good to be in and a place I want to hang out in. Another space I’m ready to jazz up is my office and make it a place that is ready to film in whenever I want. I’ve been filming more styling videos, so it will be nice to have my office organized and ready to shoot in. I also want to reorganize my book self to hold accessories and shoes. I visited NastyGal HQ a couple months back and they had similar storage that I have in my office, but they organized accessories in a cool way, so I have plans to convert my book shelves for fashion stuff. 



Be Kind and Patient (to my family & myself):

I’m definitely a kind person, but as a 28 year old living at home, trying to live her best self, be independent, successful, taking care of my family, while dealing with the emotional tolls of cancer, it’s hard to be kind all the time. I’m exhausted physically and emotionally, so I get frustrated easily and am not too kind to my family or myself. Frustration tends to happen when I don’t accomplish something (could be blog post, video, workout, or even my laundry). I get frustrated at myself that I didn’t get my full to-do list done, on top of helping my Dad. I’m learning that I can’t do everything all the time and that’s okay. I learning to remind myself to be patient  and that it’s enough if I did my best. Realizing I need to be patient has helped me understand that I need to be kind and patient to myself, as well as those around me, my parents especially. 

Learn Spanish:

I’m Mexican-American and grew up in orange county, so I like to joke I’m white washed. Or to be politically correct more American than Mexican. I look more Mexican than American, so it bothers me I don’t know Spanish fluently. Both my parents speak it fluently, but I’m ready to speak it too. I want to be able to have deeper conversation with my family that lives in Mexico, but also connect and understand others more. Plus, I think it would be fun to create a couple youtube videos in Spanish too! 

So, these are my New Years Resolutions. I hope they inspire you and encourage you to make some positive shifts too, as you can see they’re not super crazy goals. They’re things I’m looking forward to helping me evolve. Just remember to Be patient with yourself and remember you’re teaching yourself new habits – I’m trying to remember that too. Cheers to 2019 and I hope it treats you well!! 


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