If you've been eyeing a designer bag and can't seem to justify the purchase, go for preloved!! Keep reading to find out why I prefer designer bags and why I prefer preloved over brand new!
The Fendi Baguette from Etsy!


They’re Sustainable:

 I do have my fair share of affordable bags that I’ve purchased from fast fashion brands, but they break after a few months of use. The bag starts to fray or the zipper break, but a designer bag is made to last. I like that the designer bag will last for years and you can pass it on for generations. And, if there are any issue and something breaks, you can bring it back to the luxury brand and they’ll repair it. I lobe that you won’t have to throw it away. 

Also, I’m not that girl that stuffs (helps keep the bag’s shape) and babies her designer bags either. I throw things around (cringe I know) and over stuff my bags, but if you take care of them there is some resale value, which leads me to my next reason for purchasing designer bags. 

They have a resale value:

Most affordable/cheaper bags wear out and break and I’ve have to toss or donate them. By purchasing a designer bag you can resell it and make some $$. Even with a brand that doesn’t technically have resale value. For example older Balenciaga bags don’t have the best resale value, but it’s nice knowing I can make around $200 for it.

 I don’t need to repurchase a bag often:

I’m not that girl that needs to buy a new designer bag each month. I probably buy more often than most of my followers, but they last a while, so you don’t need to repurchase too often. And, don’t forget, only buy what you LOBE!

Preloved designer bags are way more affordable:

It’s not worth going into debt for a bag. I have some new designer bags, but the ones I do have a few that were gifted by family. We like to all chip in for one nice gift, so that’s how we’ll do it for the holidays or birthdays. If I actually have the $$ and it’s not going to mess up my savings I’ll buy it new. But, I like that I can save $$ buying preloved.

The Thrill & Uniqueness 

It feels like a victory when you score a bag for a steal!  And, they’re always more unique and one of kind – my favorite!