Lizbeth V. Hernandez is a 25 year old Los Angeleno. It was her love for visual presentation that ignited her passionate obsession with photography and fashion. When she was a kid, every school project centered around fashion and presenting it in a way that captivated audiences and since then, she knew she wanted to own her own business that shared her creativity with the world. She decided to skip the Art School route and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Business Studies from Whittier College. In college she continued to pursue her love for fashion and interned at Vogue Magazine, College Fashionista, Foam Magazine, and was hired for various freelance photography jobs. Post college she worked for jewelry designer Luv Aj and fashion apps Pose and Bib&Tuck.



Academics have taken precedence, because of her business goals, but she’s cultivated and combined her love of photography and fashion in academia and through various experiences outside of school that have developed and shaped IMLVH into what it is now. As well as, her aspirations for her business in the future. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Communication Management at the University of Southern California and shares her love for affordable fashion, good food through her blog and her Youtube Channel.



IMLVH was created to share the visual and the visually obsessed person she is in order to help others capture who they are for their business. Lizbeth knows that it’s all about presentation for the digital world we live in and with that she has been able to sell the most discerning projects. Once she has their commitment she follows through and delivers. Whether it’s for creative ideas, photography, or brand development, she’s your girl!


For questions/inquiries contact Lizbeth through email at Lizbeth@imlvh.com