I’m fond of a lot of things, but two that stick out at time moment are love and yummie denim. When I was younger I loved passing out Valentines and making my Valentine’s box out of an Oatmeal carton, especially wearing red or pink. I like that Valentine’s is a day to recognize and shed light on the central aspect of a relationship, love. I think love should be acknowledged daily, whether it’s loving yourself (a must in my book) or loving your significant other(s) (boyfriend, husband, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Siblings, or Bestie). When you don’t tell them how much you care, it’s  nice to have holidays that remind you. Right now, my love is shared with my family and best friends, it’s really all I have room for, as I build my career, or as my best friend refers to, my empire, but, lets me honest, there are other true loves in my life and today I’m talking about good denim. If you have a great pair of denim that hugs you in all the right places, why should dressing for Valentine’s Day be so complicated? I think those special jeans are the are the perfect option. It’s a constant bum hug, it’s love all day. But, seriously, denim can be hard to come by, for a curvy girl like myself. Stretch denim is my best friend and when it fits right, it feels yummie, and when they look nice, all the better. I felt like I could bypass pink, red, hearts and floral print, so I kept it all about the denim, wearing Yummie by Heather Thomson, a white tee, and tan lace-up heels.  My homage to Valentine’s Day was a bright red lip, proving you don’t need too much to feel the love, all you have to do is share it. 



White Tee: Gap // Jeans c/o: Yummie by Heather Thomson // Heels: DV Dolce Vita // Bag: Zara



YUMMIE TUMMIE JEANS  YUMMIE TUMMIE JEANS LizbethHernandez_YummIETummyJeans_IMLVH_   LizbethHernandez_YummyTummyJeans_IMLVH_4YUMMIE TUMMIE JEANS LizbethHernandez_YummyTummyJeans_IMLVH_15 LizbethHernandez_YummIETummyJeans_IMLVH_ YUMMIE TUMMIE JEANS YUMMIE TUMMIE JEANS

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