Winter Layers

This Elle Sweden editorial from September has the perfect winter layers vibe I want to channel right now. Southern California has been abnormally cold the past couple weeks, I mean so abnormal, I don’t have the proper pants, sweaters or jackets to layer and the fact that I’d rather be home in my Uggs than brave the cold. If I learned anything from visiting my family in Europe, during the harsh winter months, is to layer accordingly. Tights under jeans, sometimes two pairs of socks, tank, tee, long sleeve, sweater, maybe another sweater, jacket, scarf, and beanie. I mean it’s not that cold in Southern California that we need all those layers, but definitely some. Anyways, this editorial re-inspired my cold winter dressing. It has been pretty muted or lack of dressing to be honest, because I’d rather be wearing sweats, socks, and underneath blakets, but layering for the cold can be chic and color can be brought in in unexpected ways: beanie, flannel shirt, or sweater. I’ve gone ahead and picked out some pieces from Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Asos to show how I easily translated this winter layers editorial into a more wearable #ootd to brave the elements. I have a new love for East Coasters and the winters they have to brave, because this So-Cal baby can’t hang.




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