I grew up VINTAGE shopping, so the search for Vintage clothing has never been difficult for me.  Almost every weekend my Mom and Grandpa would visit thrift shops, vintage stores, and swap meets, just to seek and look, and I’d I get to tag along. My Grandfather (Poppy) grew up in the depression, so second hand shopping was his thing. He was so resourceful and it’s something I greatly appreciate being exposed to. He’d always give me a hard time, because he never understood how I could buy new items, especially those Abercrombie and Hollister distressed denim. Saying it was COOL wasn’t a good enough reason for him, when there were stores with racks of worn clothing that were totally wearable and not full of holes. Honestly, I would have NEVER thought I’d LOVE second hand and vintage as much as I do and it really is ALL because of him. 

When we’d go shopping, we’d never really look for anything in particular, but there were ALWAYS gems being discovered. I really enjoyed it and loved that it exposed me to being resourceful, realizing how trends repeat themselves, but most importantly, how to be creative.  I’ve been wearing a lot of vintage lately and always get questions about where I buy certain pieces, so I below are some places I LOVE to buy vintage. 

*SIDE NOTE: I’m not really into buying shoes or bras second hand, but will definitely search for denim, tees, purses, leather jackets and blazers second hand. Also, have a little patience, get creative, and remember OXY CLEAN and KRUD KUTTER can get the craziest stains out! 

** ALSO I linked the stores, so be sure to click the bolded title! <3


The internet has made it soooo easy to search for Vintage. Maybe you have something specific you’re searching for – a vintage tee, that’s red with a Chevrolet logo? All you have to do is type that in the search box and options will pop up. That’s how I found the Chevrolet tee I’m rocking and it was only $10. Woot woot. I come from a car family, specifically Chevrolet, so I’m in LOVE with this tee. Maybe you’re looking for levis or a cool designer belt like the red Escada one I’m wearing? All you have to do is search for those too. I like to get more specific with my price point – I make sure to choose under $25 or between $25-$50, just so I’m not spending too much money. There are some amazing designer pieces too and those tend to be expensive and totally worth it too, but I like to keep a little budget, so I’m not spending too much. I also scored a RAD vintage GUCCI sweatshirt too, so definitely search for pieces!! Some items may be worth spending a bit more for, but sometimes they’re just trying to make money, so stay frugal.




Vintage GUCCI


 I like the Goodwill. It is not a place I go seeking for specific pieces,  although that blazer is something I was searching for on a random Monday and found it at the Goodwill!! It’s not as searchable as Etsy. There is no guarantee what will be on the racks, but I definitely find random visits to the Goodwill worthwhile. They’re a great place to search for denim, because you can try it on there. When I make a visit, I always look for blazers, jackets, levis, sweatshirts and tees, adidas track pants, and random Halloween pieces. 




Take it or Leave it

IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_takeitorleaveit IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_takeitorleaveit




Virgo is a hidden gem that I RANDOMLY found during one of my trips to DTLA. Rana perfectly curates new and used clothing for that edgy and effortless LA girl vibe. I ALWAYS love everything she sells and her price point is decent. She definitely isn’t into upselling, plus you can get used levis and have them perfectly tailored in house. My FAVORITE pieces I’ve purchased are my LEVIS jackets, an army surplus jacket, a custom levis skirt, and a pair of cheeky denim shorts. 






Foxhole is my SPOT for getting my vintage denim tailored. My girl Fox and her husband have the most amazingly curated denim selection, tees, patches, and pins. It is a bit pricey, but you’re definitely getting the most unique items, plus if you’ve found the PERFECT pair of LEVIS off Etsy or the Goodwill you can take them to fox to get tailored. Almost ALL my denim is from FOX or tailored by her and I’m OBSESSED. 




Franky’s Barber Boutique

My bestie and I found this store randomly leaving Foxhole. We noticed a rack of $10 tees, so we went inside and found the most AMAZINGLY curated selection of ROCK TEES. They’re definitely a bit pricey, but don’t be discouraged, because their tees range from $10 – $300.  I picked up a cool $10 army tee from them and it’s soooo buttery soft – definitely a FAVORITE. 



I hope you enjoyed finding out about some of my favorite VINTAGE spots. Be sure to follow them on Instagram if you’re not in the LA area, because some allow you to DM them to order pieces and LET ME KNOW if you score anything good!!!! 




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