Heavy Handed





When it comes to jewelry I like it layered, chunky, and unique. Majority of my jewelry is costume jewelry from FOREVER 21 + H&M and thanks to them I have drawers full of bangles, bracelets + rings and those 3M non-damaging wall-hooks stuck on my wall layered to the MAX with necklaces, but when it comes to my EVERYDAY jewelry (as seen above) it’s all about the details. I like em’ personal and unique and what I love about each piece is the significant meaning and special time of my life it represents; kind of like tattoo, they’re constant reminders.

 1+2 are pinky rings my Mom picked out for me. My parents gave me a gift card to TIFFANY’S for my College Graduation due to the fact that I’m a picky shopper and have tons of silver jewelry from there already; the only rule was that I must add something unique. While we were at TIFFANY’S my Mom got a bit creative and suggested pinky rings and I LOVED the idea. We fell in love with these FRANK GEHRY ones and opted to stack a rose gold and gold together. They are reminders of the journey College was, but most importantly  the love and support my parents have relentlessly given me. 3 is a turquoise ring of mine by SAFIA DAY. Part of my roots originate from Texas and New Mexico, so this western piece is a constant reminder of those roots. 4 is a little diamond digit ring by Austrian designer  ANNA (inspiring jewelry). I bought it last September, when I was in Vienna visiting my family. The store is down the street from my Aunts home and is a reminder that you don’t need to depend on someone to buy you diamonds– you can treat yourself. 5 + 6 are the special-ist ones. The ruby, sapphire, and diamond stack ring was from my Mom. My Dad bought it for her years ago and she would let me borrow it as a “GOOD-LUCK” ring for whenever I was in doubt; I could look down at it and always be reminded of her constant LOVE + SUPPORT and that I can do anything I set my mind to. The silver rope ring is my Aunt and I’s best friend ring. After a break up a few summers ago, she let me stay with her for a month to roam around with my cousins, get wild, and heal a broken heart. She’s my Mom’s Best Friend and Sister and a second Mom to me, so having it paired with my Mom’s ring is even more sentimental to me. After my month long stay I bought us both the ring to be reminded of that SUMMER and the open arms and love we have for each other. 7 is rad bracelet by a jewelry designer I used to work for. It’s a cool reminder of kickass babes doing badass things with their life and the opportunity she gave me to work with her. 8 needs no explanation. It was a gift last Christmas from my entire family and I was spoiled beyond belief. 9 I bought for myself, well partly, because my Mom chipped in. I had been eyeing the bracelet since I was a pre-teen the day it was featured in TeenVogue. They were stacked and looked effortless and chic, but it’s CARTIER of course it would. I didn’t get it at 14, when I first saw it, but did bite the bullet around 21. I had a cool job with Myspace and with the extra cash decided to treat myself as a reminder that hard work pays off and to continue to work hard to add the LOVE BRACELET. 10 + 11 are spiritual reminders. I’m a big fan of the evil eye, so the red beaded one is that, and the black beaded one carries the CATHOLIC PAX symbol.

Long story short get sentimental with your jewelry. We ALL have special pieces, luxurious or not, stack em’ and pair em’ with one another, for some  badass lookin’ hands or the perfect weapons for self-defense.



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