I wish I could say I have a method when I get ready, but from years and years of drooling over fashion magazines and paying attention to how outfits were layered and pulled together, I wear what feels right. My LOVE for fashion magazines came from appreciating the versatility of clothing and the imagination of stylists when I saw editorials; the way an outfit brought life to a photograph. This post is my example of how editorials taught me how to dress; taking style cues from images.
       I LOVED the outfit above, from ALLURE, but I can’t afford LOUIS VUITTON patchwork jeans, LOUBOUTIN’S, and a FENDI bag. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.
        When inspired by an editorial, variation is key, because CARBON-COPYING an outfit tends to lead to disappointment. Funny thing about me is I’ve never bought an entire outfit featured in a magazines or in this day in age a blog.  I will do a variation of it if I don’t have something similar in my closet. The reason I’m so picky about imitation is the fact that what looks good on one person may not look good on me and I’ve had to deal with that since I was a kid.
      My little story about that includes Abercrombie and Hollister. Those stores were BIG, when I was a kid. Probably, because I grew up in Southern California, but long story short I NEVER looked like the models pictured in the store or my peers in their denim. I’m hispanic, which means I HAVE curves. It took me a while to understand that I wasn’t fat because I couldn’t fit in their shorty shorts, but because I had a BOOTY and their clothes weren’t cut for my body type. After that epiphany I realized trying look EXACTLY like a person in a photograph or anyone for that matter is a STUPID idea. We’re all so DIFFERENT and I’ve embraced that ever since.
                  Untitled-1 copy
     I suggest using an image or a person’s style as a guide to mix and match pieces that work for you; your body, your budget, and your style. 
     The best ADVICE I can give you is to NEVER compare yourself to others. Being inspired by the way something is layered, the colors and pieces is what you want to focus on, but trying to replicate, when you don’t have the same proportions or budget, only leads to disappointment.
     Shoes are an exception though. No matter what shape and size a person may be, shoes can be replicated and rocked EQUALLY.

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