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I know, I have WEIRD STYLE + I LIKE WEIRD things.

Of course NIKE releases these BABIES, while I’m on a mission to not be such a lazy dresser.  SERIOUSLY, though??? Be still my heart. The many ways I could rock these sneakers is absurd. Maybe I have blinders on, but sneakers with a hidden wedge are far from a lazy;  they take a bit more effort to walk in and they help you achieve the elongated leg illusion like high-heels do, so technically they’re a chic alternative.

I’ve never had a problem dressing up my SKY-HI DUNKS, but do I REALLY need to add a fourth pair of NIKE wedge sneakers to my collection along with the 10 + pairs of sneakers I already have? Probably not, but that’s consumption for ya and when those YOLO, CIE LA VIE, LIFE’S TOO SHORT quotes become useful. I’m going to have to follow the 24 hour rule on these BABIES, but if you have yet to try a SNEAKER WEDGE do it!! I’ve been rocking mine since last year, when the brilliant ISABEL MARANT brought the sneaker heel back on the map, but there are so many options today.

I tend to opt for NIKE’S versions, because the tom-boy in mean prefers it, but the not so jock ones are winners too.

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1. Puma  2. Isabel Marant 3. Ash  4. Giuseppe  5. Vans 6. Nike

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