Wander Beauty Makeup + Acne Scars


I hate to admit this, but when I graduated high school, I was not only excited about the next chapter that was about to unfold with college, but that I made it through those 4 years unscathed from teenage acne. I had the misunderstanding, that you’re only effected by acne, when you’re a teenager, but fast forward almost 10 years later (I’m 27) and it’s an issue I’ve been struggling with MAJORLY.  It makes me super uncomfortable and self conscious, but I ALWAYS make the mental note  that it COULD BE WAY WORSE and that I’m a happy person, alive and healthy, so “GET OVER IT”. 

Acne has its waves of flare ups and right now I don’t have super inflamed and painful acne, I’ve cleaned up my diet and changed my beauty regime, but I do have red scarring and dark spots that bother me.  I wish it didn’t exist at all, BUT makeup has been helping me out A LOT and I thought I’d share an Easy Acne Scar Makeup tutorial, because my favorite go-to has been some Wander Beauty products.

Wander Beauty was kind enough to gift me a couple items and I honestly didn’t think I’d really LOVE them, but who can say no to free makeup?  To my surprise the Dualist Matte + Illuminating Concealer has been the go-to product for covering those pesky red and dark acne spots, then I can flip it over and use the illuminating highlight to brighten up my under eye – I LOVE THAT I SLEPT 10 hours look. This concealer product is why I’m writing this post and created a Youtube video for ya’ll. I definitely think it’s something you’d like. 

The On-The-Glow Blush + Illuminator is another favorite, because it’s like 3 products in one. It’s a blush, lip color, and highlight, which was perfect during my recent trip to Europe. The duo I have is bare/nudge glow  and it’s the perfect natural looking post run flush color for me, plus the highlight blends in sooo seamlessly, it gives a really nice natural and looks so nice – love love love it. 

Check out my full video/tutorial  to see how nice Wander Beauty products work and see how I’ve been covering my acne scars!! 



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