As I get older, the whole denim shorts with booty cheeks hanging out is becoming less and less appropriate. Because, they’re so trendy, it doesn’t mean they can be worn EVERYWHERE. Honestly, I don’t think your booty hanging out was ever appropriate in the first place. I’m probably peeved by the look, because cheekies hanging out wasn’t allowed in my house hold as a teen, which is when I bought these Levis denim shorts. Side bar: I can’t believe I’ve had these since I was 16, that’s about 9 years, but I love them and they’re still a favorite. The older I get the more my curves are becoming more pronounced – I’m talking about my booty getting bigger- and I’ve noticed my booty cheeks hanging out more and more. Since I can’t get rid of them, they’re such a  favorite, I figured rather than being selective on how I wear them, I’d hide the issue. I paired my favorite levis shorts, with a white gap tee, and a cute trench from Forever 21. I shared the trench a couple months ago, when I wore it with a black jersey dress, but I really like this more casual day look. The trench covered the booty and it added a fun pop of color. I also just added the Schutz Cadey heels to my closet. I’ve been wanting a cute nude sandal for a while, not a nude lace up sandal or another pair of my favorite Nudist sandals, because they’re not the easiest shoe to wear all the time, so I found these. I love how the nude sandals freshen up and chic up a somewhat casual look. 

So, next time the booty is not appropriate to flaunt, just wear a cute trench coat. There are vest options too, like the one I wore in this crop top and high-slit skirt look. 

Oh, and the sunnies… they’re called the Virtex Block Shades and they were $20 from NastyGal. So obsessed with them. 

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