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I’m jetting out to Europe in a couple days for my cousin’s wedding, so I’m creating a travel makeup checklist, while my Dad gets his chemo treatment. Since it’s a wedding I’m be bringing the highlight and setting spray for sure, so I thought I’d share the products that I’m definitely bringing!!

  • Urban Decal All Night Setting Spray   – I may not wear a lot of makeup, but whatever I put on, I like it to stay. I also have super sensitive skin and I’ve noticed this spray doesn’t irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. I can also be dry in some spots and I this spray isn’t drying either. I’ll definitely be bringing this setting spray, because it will be humid where I’ll be and I LOVE to dance, so I don’t want to worry about the makeup I have to touch up. I’d say experiment with the Travel Size, so you can see if you like, before spending $30.
  • Glossier Cloud Paint – These Glossier blushes are so so so easy to use! They blend in seamlessly and they give you the most beautiful natural glow. Puff is a light pink that has a really nice and natural brightening effect. Beam and Haze are two other favorites of mine. I’m really not the biggest fan of dusk, because it’s like a bronzer and I’m already tan, so it doesn’t really do much to my makeup look. 
  • Glossier Halosccope – This highlight stick is one of my FAVORITE Glossier products. The highlight you get from it is soooo flawless and pretty and it blends in so nicely too. I’m a big big fan of Topaz (bronze/copper color) and Quartz (rose tone). There is a third color called moonstone, but it doesn’t pop as nicely as Quartz and Topaz do.
  • Topshop Highlight – I randomly discovered Topshop’s makeup, while picking up accessories for Coachella a couple months ago. I really like topping off a powder highlight over a cream highlight, because it gives a luminous effect.  I like to sweeping the Topshop highlighter  over my Glossier Haloscope. The one I have pops soooo nicely – it’s yellow and kind has this halographic vibe. I had no luck trying to find the exact one I have, but I did find another one called Tiger’s Eye for you , which is a nice soft champagne color. I think it’s definitely more wearable  than the yellow gold one I have and would look amazing over Glossier Haloscope in Quartz.
  • Glossier’s Birthday Balm Dot Com – So this is a new addition to my makeup bag. It’s Glossier newest release and collaboration with Milk Bar. I’m super impressed with it, because it’s a nice light vanilla flavor, not a nauseating vanilla cake flavor that happens. The Balm Dot Coms are another favorite of mine, because it’s an ALL OVER SALVE that you can use on your lips, eyes, cuticles, and extra dry spots like elbows and knees. I will only be using this flavor on my lips, not knees or elbows, because of the glitter and it’s such a great alternative to lipgloss. (Although, Glossier made one of the most conditioning and non-sticky glosses ever). 

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