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My EVERYDAY makeup look is a no makeup makeup look, but when I’m headed out to dinner or drinks with my friends I’m ALL ABOUT an EFFORTLESS glam face.

Does an effortless glam face sound like an oxymoron?? I promise it’s not, but if you spend as much time as I do putting together an #ootd or #ootn, sometimes there is no time to do a full face of makeup (super annoying, but business as usual… I love clothes). Or maybe you’re busy like me too and there is no time to pick out an outfit, so you need to glam up the jeans and tee you’re rocking?? Well, my effortless glam face, comes in clutch, because it’s quick, easy, and makes me feel glam AF!


So, what does an effortless and glam face look like? I’m glad you asked. It is a (sometimes glittery) smoky lined eye, lots of mascara, a glowy highlighted face, and a pop of color on the cheeks and lips (see photos in this post for reference).  I never really share any type of glam makeup look, but TIGI Cosmetics gifted me a couple of products to try, to celebrate their new home at CVS, and the products they sent were staples for my effortless glam face, so figured it was the perfect time to share!


*Quick sidebar

have you been to your local CVS lately?? They’re becoming a lot more beauty focused and will be stocking a wider range of beauty products, and TIGI Cosmetics is one of them. I’m looking forward to a wider beauty range at CVS,  but that does mean, my CVS visits will bit longer than my usual toothpaste and/or prescription runs.

And, now back to my effortless GLAM makeup look.

Below is a step by step on how I achieve this look:

  1. I like an even and matte face, when I’m going out, so apply your favorite foundation, mine currently is The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation, then set/mattify your face in with a Powder. I used TIGI Cosmetics Powder Foundation, which is full coverage, unlike my usual no makeup makeup look, but I liked it, because the coverage doesn’t feel heavy. Another oxymoron, but the powder foundation finishes very nicely and it evened out my face without looking mask-like – I totally hate when that happens.

  2. My smokey eye definitely varies with what I’m wearing. Since we’re still in Summer, I like a bronzey glowy look, so I actually used the TIGI Cosmetics Glow Blush in shade Lovely for shadow. I like products that are versatile and multi-use. This blush is a baked powder formula with light reflective pigments, so it gives a super glowy bronzy look and highlights too. The duo has two colors, so first I used the lighter color all over my lid, then went in with the dark shade in my crease and applied some to my lower lash line.

  3. Then I swirled the two colors together with a blush brush and applied it to my cheeks and brow bone – I love a little blush on my brow bone, I find that it really polishes up a makeup look.

  4. After I apply my shadow I go in with black liner and smudge it in my top and bottom my lash line. TIGI  Cosmetics sent me their Perfect Eyeliner in black, which goes on smooth and is super pigmented – loved it.

  5. Next I apply my mascara. I LOVE a lot of mascara, so this step is optional and based on your preference.

  6. Then I apply lipstick and that choice varies too. I love  nudes, reds, berry colors, and deep purples,  but that all depends on what I’m wearing and how smokey my look is. I used TIGI Cosmetics Diamond Lipstick, which is a true pigmented lipstick you get at department stores. It was hydrating and rich, but we’re in summer, so I dabbed on the berry color, so it looked more like stain. If you’re in a rush too lipstick can be used as blush as well!!

  7. My last step is highlight! I love extra glow, so apply your favorite highlight to your cheek bones, brow bones, cupid’s bow (little v above your lip) and inner corners of your eyes. My fave’s are Glossier’s Haloscope and Colourpop.


So, that’s it for my effortless glam makeup look. I don’t get too crazy with my makeup, as ya’ll know, it has to be easy, but I love an extra pop on the eyes and a glow and highlight on my face. This was my first time using TIGI Cosmetics products (thanks for sponsoring this post TIGI Cosmetics), so it was nice to try their products with one of my go-to makeup looks. I’m impressed with the quality, it felt very comparable to MAC and other makeup brands you can get department stores or Sephora, yet you can pick them up at your local CVS. The price point is comparable to department stores too, so a bit pricey, it ranges from $20-$40, but the colors are pigmented and the wear is nice, so I definitely suggest checking TIGI Cosmetics for yourself.


I hope you enjoyed this look and let me know your favorite ways you like to do a glam look or what is your go-to makeup look, when you’re in a hurry.



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