Storets Plaid Blazer , Storets Plaid Mini Skirt, Seamless Black Bra, Le Specs x Adam Selman Sunglasses,  Patent boots by Aldo 

Growing up, I categorized suits for men only, business women, and those that are über confident with their fashion choices.  But, lets be honest, just because it’s a man’s thing isn’t a good enough reason not to wear one. Also for those that are über confident is another wack excuse! I’ve been so inspired to experiment and try new styles lately – I think it’s the no fucks era we live in. The embrace you and do you era. And, the era that’s not putting up with any more b.s. I love it.  Restrooms are no longer separated for men and women – a microcosm of the gender equality thats slowly evolving. I’m so inspired to strep out of the confines society has put us in. Especially the confines I’ve put myself in too. There’s a brave new world out there and I’m embracing it as well as suits too.

I’ve definitely worn my fair share of blazers, they’re such an easy way to polish up a look, and I love them with rocker tees! But, a full suit scared me. As I said they were for the confident babes and the bold ones, but suits date all the way back to the 1900s. They’re quite revolutionary. And, they’ve been making a fun comeback in fun ways lately. I’ve seen suits in pastel hues, bright hues (this one is sooo VERSACE) bold plaids, the classic pinstripe and cool patterns. Even those that are cropped, wide leg, some with mini skirts. (like mine), and shorts too. As well as cropped blazers and those with wide sleeves. Meaning there is no excuse not to try one. They come in a variety of styles for a variety of tastes and shapes.

I’ve been seeing so many chic and bold suits for spring and I couldn’t help but want to embrace one too! So, your girl did, thanks to Storets. I shared another cool blazer they sent me in my Spring Haul video on my Youtube channel, so go peep that. It’s a beautiful pink blazer!!

I love how a suit looks on a male counterpart, but I loved how this suit made me feel. This suit is unique and bold and I felt powerful wearing it. I stood a little taller and felt stronger. Is that why suits were initially created? For men to look and feel powerful. I want everyone to embrace that feeling. Who would have thought two pieces of clothing could have such a feel, but that’s why I love fashion. Sometimes you need that extra boost. You can do so with be a bold lipstick, a great pair of heels, or the most perfect fitting vintage denim, but right now I think a suit will help. 

So, the next time you need a little extra boldness for work, an interview, or a presentation? Maybe even a night out? I suggest a suit. And, they’re interchangeable. I paired the bold blazer with my favorite Levis, but can’t wait to wear the skirt with a white or a concert tee. You can get 3 looks with 2 pieces!! 


Storets Plaid Blazer , Vintage Levis (DIY), Brown Cat Eye Sunglasses,  Womon Sun Boobs Tee, and Gucci Slides 










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