The Line by K

Talk about a cray week. I’m learning, sometimes you don’t have time for fashion and you have to opt for the classics. This week’s fashion post isn’t anything too fashion experimental, just my excitement and love for Karla Deras and her clothing line – The Line by K. It’s been a hell of a week and thank god for basics and the classics to get you through it. First off… I love my Mari Tee from The Line by K. If you’re not familiar with Karla Deras aka Karlas Closet, then I have to tell you. She was one of the first fashion bloggers I fell in love with. I’ve been following her, since 2009 and I love that I can now have a piece of her style in my closet. I’m a total fan of her super feminine, sexy, classic, and custom style. It’s definitely inspiring as I begin to embrace my curves and figure out theres a difference between dressing for your body type and wearing trends. This shirt is all about the curves and you can manipulate the style of it a couple different ways. I pulled it off the shoulder and tied a knot, like she did, which she shares how-to do on her blog. I decided to pair the shirt with the always classic wide-leg denim. With such a busy week, always know you can rely on jeans and a tee – just mix up the cut and style. 

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