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A trend I’m looking forward to embracing this FALL are hoodie sweatshirts. I’m partial to them, because they remind me of my childhood. Hoodies were super popular when I grew up – it was the skater/surfer 2000s era and they were the piece to rock- mind you, when we weren’t wearing a uniform.  I had an assortment of Roxy hoodies, which I loved and wore out, so I’m pretty fond of this trend. I haven’t found any graphic styles for women that are both cool (in my eyes) and affordable, so I decided to borrow from the guys. In my last blog post, I shared my Pablo hoodie DIY, where I sourced the OBEY sweatshirt I used from a thrift store, which is definitely something worth trying out if you want to try this trend on a budget, but the guys have some great selections. I’m rocking an OBEY one in this blog post. I picked it up at PacSun and I don’t know what drew me to it, there was something about the Mind Control I liked and vibed with- for some reason it reminded about how some days you have to mentally force yourself to stay postive – sometimes you need to control your mind from stress and worries.

Since it’s still pretty warm in California I decided to pair the hoodie sweatshirt with my favorite Levis shorts. Hoodies are pretty versatile, so if short shorts aren’t your thing, your favorite pair of denim or a skirt will pair really well. Or embrace the sweatsuit vibe and find matching sweats. I decided to dress up the look with Velvet booties from Steve Madden. Velvet is another trend I’m excited to embrace this fall too. It was a lot easier for me to bring the velvet trend into my wardrobe with booties, because I loved the style and cut of these booties. I’ve been keeping my eye open for velvet clothing, but I haven’t found a piece I LOVE, so I’ll definitely  be keeping my eyes open. 


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