Sparkly Sheer Top (similar here), Lace Body Suit (similar here and REAL one here), Just Black Denim Jeans, Black Teddy Bear Jacket (similar here and here),  and Chinese Laundry Zipper Patent Booties

I can’t believe 2017 has come and gone. I’m actually really thankful for this past year. It was a year of personal growth, learning about myself, and who I want to be. It showed me that we have the power to go after whatever we want in life, but it’s up to me to boss-up and go after it – even I don’t feel ready.  I also learned the importance of getting to know myself and how important faith is through the good and not so good times. 

Below are some of my favorite experiences 2017 that taught me all of that: 

  •  I created a handmade choker store. I had so many babes purchase chokers from me and had some badass blogger (Fashionlush, Skinny Confidential, ToThe9s, and Amy Serrano) babes rock them. My little store proved to me that I can do and create anything I set my mind to.  I’m sooo thankful to ALL the babes that actually supported. Thank you Thank you if that was you!!! 
    • I stopped creating chokers, because creating videos and sharing my personal style with you babes was more fun. 
  • I got invited to New York City by Glossier the same weekend of my 27th Birthday. I shared a full VLOG of my New York weekend in May.
    • This trip  happened during the peak of my Dad’s cancer surgery and treatment. It was so hard for me to leave my parents and I was plagued with what-if scenarios that could happen to my Dad, while I was gone. This is when I learned what Faith meant. Faith meant embracing opportunities that come my way with open arms and trusting that life offers what I need at the right exact time. And, to stop WORRYING. 
    • I got Faith tattooed on my arm to ALWAYS remind me of this past year. 
  • I started to get a little more personal about stuff I was going through. Check out my Be Strong and Move On + New Rules to Deal with a Breakup. Each of those posts inspired me to take time to get more personal with you babes in 2018.
  • I learned females can support each other and be inspired by each others greatness. There is no room for jealousy and doubting your own greatness. I’ve gained so many amazing fashion + beauty friends this past year through Youtube and Instagram.  
  • Showed ya’ll how I like to to be bougie on a budget. Want to learn how to get the vintage distressed denim look? Check out this video. Want to make a fun Alexander Wang inspired faux fur vest for your denim jacket? See this video. And, want to learn how to protect your favorite shoes from getting ruined? Learn from this video
  • Realized I REALLY do love to travel. I went to Palm Springs, New York, Austria, Italy, Barcelona, and Paris this year. 
  • And, learned how empowering stepping out of my comfort zone feels. I shared a ballsy (almost) topless selfie supporting BODY HERO that got so much love and a re-post by Glossier. 

As you can see, these are small victories in the grand scheme of life, but layers of my ego and fear got ripped away through them all. I’m beyond thankful for this past year, but so ready to embrace my new sense of self in 2018 and continue to expand and grow. 

Thanks for the love and support this past year. It truly means the world. And, an’t wait to share more in 2018!!! 

Oh, and lets talk about this outfit. Since, I spend NYE at home with my family, comfort is always my go to. This outfit I’m sharing is an easy NYE glam look for those that want to dress glam in a subtle kind of way. I shared a FULL GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video on my Youtube channel, showing ya’ll how to style sheer pieces, a tutorial on an easy and effortless glittery makeup look and cool-girl half-up hair do. 

Go check it out

I hope ya’ll have a beautiful and safe New Years and I CAN’T wait to continue sharing more me through IMLVH in 2018!!!

Cheers babes!! 

And, THANK YOU 2017!









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