I thought I’d do a post on summer fashion, specifically when traveling. This idea came about, because I might be doing some traveling this summer and my Mom challenged me to a suitcase limit – CARRY ON ONLY. That might be normal for most people, but I’m one that likes to be prepared, so my suitcase size is pretty large. I don’t like to be that person that forgot her jacket, scarf, sandals, and I don’t like using hotel shampoo or lotions. So, I have to rethink my packing style. I realized, the best use of space is mixing and matching pieces and I’m proving it’s possible to get 4 chic outfits by mixing 4 special pieces. 

Vacation dressing is always a bit different, than what I wear regularly and I think it should be. There are some specifics like location and weather, that should be considered, but I think it’s a fun time to experiment and dress for the occasion. Most vacations I’ve been on are desert, beach, or city locations, which is pretty similar to Southern California’s weather, making it a lot easier and not necessary for me to buy a new wardrobe for a specific trip. But, I love fashion, so it would be a complete lie if I didn’t buy for traveling. 

I think the easiest way to create four outfits is keeping within the same color palate. It might be boring to some people, I’ve seen so many cool bloggers style colors and prints, but I like super effortless chic. Based on the color palate it was really easy to mix and match these outfits together. I think creams and whites go seamlessly together, no matter what print or embroidery, so I think it was totally okay to add black accents and leopard. I styled patterned soft shorts by Azul by Moussy, American Eagle White Denim, and two peasant blouses, one an embroidered long sleeve by Single Dress, the other an off the shoulder from Laura’s Boutique.  Keeping within the suitcase limit, a clutch is perfect option, like this leopard one by TanneryLA, plus it’ll fit nicely in a carry-on tote. I’m all about effortless and comfortable, so a dress isn’t always appealing to me, especially if I just want to be relaxed, which is why I opted for shorts and denim, plus they can be worn for more casuals reasons with a cotton tank or tee.. For the strapless top, I’m not tugging at it, the long sleeve isn’t too deep, the shorts aren’t too short, and the jeans aren’t too tight. Definitely my favorite pieces at the moment! And, they all work together – SCORE. 

I’ve shared the same pieces and similar pieces of my look below! 

As far as accessories, I kept it simple with a pair of rose gold hoops from Forever 21. 

Peasant Tops

– Off  the Shoulder –

– Long Sleeve –



IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez

IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez

 IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandezIMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez IMLVH_LizbethHernandez



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