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There is something about classic pieces that always make an outfit look pulled together. My leather jacket has been on rotation since I bought it in December. I had been eyeing a moto jacket and this NastyGal Brixton leather jacket with a little pop of read on the back of the collar did it for me. What also did it for me was the semi-affordable price.  I like how it looks with a striped tee and high waist jeans. I think the red sunnies, bandana and lace up ballet flats give the outfit a modern and trendy touch. Sometimes it’s the little details that pull an outfit together and help revive old pieces. I’m sure you have a striped tee and  high waist jeans in your closet, similar to the Madewell jeans I’m wearing, but the bandana, flats, and sunnies make it trendy and chic.  

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