When it comes to shopping, I can’t spend full price on an item. You’d think that means I’m Frugal? But, it doesn’t, because I have no problem buying random things on sale. If you’ve ever done that, then you know it really adds up fast and then your money is gone. I also have no problem spending my money on a $20 moon juice smoothie, sugar fish sushi, and yoga sculpt classes either.

So, how do I deal with the  Black Friday and Cyber Monday?? These sales just encourage frivolous spending. They kind of give me anxiety, because there are sooo many sales popping up left and right (through Instagram and my email) and then I’m spending money I shouldn’t be spending or money I don’t have – I’m SOOO over that.

Want to know one of my favorite lessons I learned in my early twenties? From my ex-boyfriend’s Grandmother?

“Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need it.”

Well, OBVIOUSLY, but for a fashion obsessed girl like myself, a sale means I can finally have what I’ve been wanting – definitely never what I’m needing.  I haven’t mastered that yet, because I have a fashion blog and I love experimenting with trends and fashion and showing you how to find more affordable options and simply encourage, experimenting with pieces and styles you’re eyeing. 

But, back to Black Friday sales.  

They can force you to spend a lot of money on things you don’t need, but I also think it’s a really GREAT time to search and find the pieces you’ve been dreaming of having – I’m talking about the super expensive things you’ve been eyeing.  Those discounts can be really helpful, with designer pieces, but you have to be strategic. Find those lists you’ve made in your phone, agenda, or saved on Instagram to reference the things you’ve been wanting and then search for those!  That is how I dealt with this years crazy shopping. I brought out my list of things I wanted. 

  • New Perfume
  • Dior lipstick + New Mascara
  • Redone Jeans (I want to share a full review on them for you babes)
  • Outdoor Voices workout gear

I went into this sale shopping with a game plane. I gave myself a budget – of course  I went over a bit. Plus, I had some $$$ in my PayPal account from selling clothes on Depop (go check out my page I’m going to be offering Free Shipping), so I added that to my budget. I wish I could say I won’t be buying myself anything else, but I’m a fashion blogger and want to experiment and try trends for you all. 

So, this is where did I spent my Black Friday & Cyber Monday money?!?!  

  • Outdoor Voices

    •  I’ve been wanting to pick up an Outdoor Voices workout set for the past couple years but couldn’t commit. With their 20% (use promo code STOCKUP) off sale I finally decided to do it.  I’ve been eyeing a grey workout set (it’s super fresh and fun), so I  picked up this the Venus crop top and the
    • 3/4 Two-Tone Warm up leggings I prefer the 3/4 length, because I’m 5’1. I hate a baggy ankle.
    • You can get a bra and leggings set (aka the REC KIT) for $100, which also comes with a complimentary Holiday canvas tote.  I liked the Venus crop top more than the two-tone Athlete crop in the rec set and I have so many canvas totes stocking in my room, so I decided to pay $116 for a crop I LOVED and pass on another canvas bag that would annoyingly be added to a pile up in my room.
    • I’m super drawn to their workout apparel, because the fabrics supposedly won’t show ANY PERSPIRATION?!?! I’m Looking forward to seeing if that’s true.
    • But, besides a fresh new workout set,  I’m so inspired by this company positioning and the 27 year old girl boss that created it. Her name is Tyler Haney and she created an anti-workout brand that is meant to be a little more relaxed and not aggressively fitness focused – think of the intense nike and reebok add and branding??  Tyler wanted the complete opposite. Outdoor Voices is a brand for the babes that like to work out as well as the babes that define walking their dog as a daily workout. Simply, encouraging babes (and dudes too) to go out and #dothings.
    • Side note: If you want to learn more about  Tyler Haney you DEFFFF need to check out an older episode of Sophia Amoroso’s  Girlboss radio podcast with Tyler Haney . You’ll pick up some motivating inspo about her hard work, that being a little naive can earn you great success, and to never back down on any dream of yours. 
  • Neiman Marcus  

    • Would have not spent $$ here if my Best Friend hand’t texted me about my favorite Byredo perfume. She asked, because Neiman Marcus is offering $50 off $200 or more with promo code THANKFUL.
    • Byredo is an expensive perfume. It’s bougie and made in France. Every scent is unique and my favorites are super dreamy. I’m a big fan of their candle burning rose too.
      • Pssst. it’s actually the candle that burns throughout the Glossier showroom. I recently picked up a new candle, when I was in Paris, because it was $65 versus $80 – damn import fees!  
    • So, I’ve been dying to smell Velvet Haze (a new scent of theirs), so  decided to purchase Velvet Haze online instead of my signature scent Bal D’Afrique.  Neiman Marcus has an amazing return/exchange policy, so If I don’t like it, I figured I’d just exchange for my favorite scent.
    • Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost are two other amazing scents by Byredo.
    • I even suggest the hair perfume. It’s perfume for your hair! If you’re like me and spray it in your hair its a nice way to help your perfume last. They have a variety of scents, so you can mix and match, or just pair it with your perfume scent. Its $62 and smells just like the perfume, so if you want to try the perfume out, I’d pick a hair perfume up. Plus it actually lasts long in the hair – a major favorite!!
      • Byredo is actually offering the free hair perfume with any 
    • Sidenote: If you’re curious to know what bougie LA girls smell like, then take a sniff of Gypsy Water.
    •  I was going to go for the $230 size Byredo bottle (thats the larger one), but I settled on the $150 size, because I’ve been wanting to try the new Dior Rouge Liquid Matte Lipsticks (color 999) + replaced my Dior Pump N’ Volume mascara.
    • With the $50 discount I ended getting Velvet Haze, Dior Rouge Liquid lipstick, and Dior’s pump n’ volume mascara for the price of 1 small Byredo perfume.
  •  Re/done Jeans – This is where I spent my Depop money that was sitting in my PayPal account. 

    •  I’ve had a love hate towards Re/done Jeans. 
    • The hate part comes from knowing you can totally score vintage Levis for $5 (most of the time more than that, but $5 vintage Levis is possible) and take them to a tailor to get them fitted to your body type – I shared how to do that in this Redone Jeans DIY Youtube video. And, you can even distress them and patch them yourself for less than $20 – check out this Foxhole DIY collaboration Youtube video too.
    •  The love part came after purchasing a  cool patched pair that were on sale for $120 – still a lot, but the quality wasreally nice!! I did have to get them tailored, so they weren’t a PERFECT FIT, but now they fit great! 
    • You definitely don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an amazing pair of vintage denim. Trust me!! I’ve shared pictures here, here, and here
      • But, Re/done had these High-Rise Straight crop pair of marked down to $157 from $265 – almost a $100 off (almost). They’re probably the most affordable pair online, a lot of their denim is discounted at $265. 
    • I also bought this Re/done Classic tee. Honestly, their white tees are AMAZING!! Their pricey, but a really great quality!! I had this Redone 1960s Slim Tee gifted to me and it fits amazingly!! But, I fricken fell asleep with a pen on my chest  (cap off  ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ญ) and got ink on it.  I realized I accidentally chose the Classic tee versus the Slim Fit I loved, but hopefully I get the stain out of the slim fit, because then I’ll have 2 great Redone tees. 
      • I’ve been having a REALLY hard time removing the pen stain – even had my best friend and her Mom take a stab at it, so if you have ANY tips, let know!  
    • Then a follower DM’d me about the fit of Re/Done jeans and shared Nordstrom had some of their new denim styles (they repurpose vintage Levis and also have their own original new denim line) on sale with an additional 20% OFF sale items, so I bought these black high-waist skinny jeans
    • Sidenote: their sizing is kind of sucky. Definitely made for taller and thiner females, so don’t get discouraged that’s the way they position their brand. So, I definitely recommend going up a size and if they’re still kind of ill fitting around the waits or too long, definitely take them to the tailor! And, if they still don’t fit, try my DIYs!! 
  • Net-a-Porter 

    • I never purchase from Net-a-Porter. This is a super bougie online designer store that is WAAAY out of my budget. They sell Gucci, Chloe, and all the other amazing high-end designer brands you can think of.
    • They put a lot of items on sale around the Holiday sales, so you can score some really great stuff, but you gotta be on it, because a lot of good stuff sells fast. 
    • I found these Sam Edleman velvet platforms!! They weren’t on any list, but I’m working on a holiday lookbook and I think they’d be great to share!  They’re on sale for $65 and so perfect of the Holidays!   I bought them in navy, but they also have them in pink velvet! The pink belt was too similar to my lavender Steve Madden heels I bought a couple months ago, so I went with the navy. 
    • Side note: They have a super chic weekly online magazine and a print magazine called Porter I really love. 

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