I finally made it out to SQUIRL LA. I’ve been meaning to cross it off my food bucket list and thank goodness 2016 rolled around, because 2016 is about doing things I’ve been wanting to do. I first heard of SQUIRL a couple years ago and finally had a taste at UNIQUE LA last year, so I was dying to go. SQUIRL is  healthy tasting, yet hearty and filling. It has vegan options, but if you like bacon and prosciutto, you can have it. I suggest visiting with a friend, if you’ve never been, because we were able to try a couple dishes. I definitely suggest any Brioche toast, the Pesto Bowl, and if you’re feeling a salad, the Kabbouleh with Avocado on top. If you’re a coffee drinker like my bestie, go for the Almond Milk Latte and if you want something really healthy and refreshing to drink order the Tumeric Tonic. Next time I want to try the Tomato Jam Sandwich and Avocado Toast! Definitely a new favorite! 


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