I hate when I go shopping and the weather doesn’t match the season of clothes in store- that is the struggle of a Californian. Especially, during the Fall and Winter seasons.  I’ve always loved Fall and Winter fashion, but there is no utility for those type of clothes in California. There is no real need for Teddy Bear Coats, Colorful Puffers, or Cashmere sweaters – we don’t need them often, but I buy them.. I’m girl who was raised to be prepared, you just NEVER know when you’ll need a puffer jacket. They come in handy when we get the occasion down pour or temperature drop.  I probably get to wear them about 2 to 6 times out of the year. Plus, I’m a fashion lover and  jacket girl. But, that’s not the point of this post. 

I was online window shopping the other day and saw soooo may cute things. It’s a little too cold in California to rock spring clothes (and I’m sure elsewhere), but there is a lot of good stuff online and in store. As I was perusing the internet I got inspired to share when the best time to shop for spring clothes is. Maybe you know, but if you don’t, the best time to spring shop is NOW! It’s something I learned form my Mom. She would always tell me to save my holiday gift cards for February and March, because that’s when the fun spring/summer stuff arrived. So, when I saved, I had a little extra money to buy things I really was obsessed with.  It was hard to do as a kid, but not anymore. I actually bought a pair of new Nikes that I’ll be featuring in my SPRING FASHION UPDATE video (go subscribe to my channel) with 2 gift cards I saved. Rather than spending $160 I spent $47!! So, next time you receive a gift card try to save it! 


Polka Dot Dress from Gypsy Queen , H&M black turtleneck, Forever 21 Circle Earrings, My Mom’s Gold Safety pin earrings (similar here) + Patent boots by Aldo /

I’ll be honest (per usual) I’ve never liked to plan too far ahead or be strategic.  After Grad School I’ve learned the positive to planning and prepping. And, I’ve come to realize it can apply to fashion  too, especially after saving for for my Gucci slides. I shared a full VLOG about how I saved and sold things to the Gucci Princetown flats. It took some planning and strategy, but it made that designer purchase so much more memorable. It felt real good to  sell things I don’t need anymore for an investment piece and something I wanted.

But, back to spring shopping. Buy those special pieces you’re really loving now. It’s actually more cost effective to bring a piece or two now, than splurging when the season actually arrives. Plus a lot of the good stuff is trickling in now and you can always rock the cool bags and dresses now for a fresh look. I bought this polka dot red dress from Gypsy Queen a week or two go, but it’s been too cold to wear it, so I layered a black turtleneck underneath. It definitely polishes up the look, than seeming too casual. Plus the summer vibe of the dress, makes the look feel fresh and fun. Turtlenecks have been coming in so clutch too! I do annoyingly get makeup on the neck, but they’re such a classic and must have staple in every wardrobe. I layered a white turtleneck one under a dress shirt the other day, but I like it paired with a cute summer dress too. A vintage tee layered under would be super cute too and a knit sweater like I shared in my last blog post.


So, go open a new browser and peep some of your favorite stores. You don’t need to buy now, but heart it, take a screen shot, or pin it to your Pinterst board till you’re ready to by.  And, if you do buy, always remember you can layer other pieces of clothing like white tees, knit sweaters  or even tights too to rock them when it’s chilly. I’ve shared some fun spring updates below! 





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