Spring has arrived added some and new fresh and affordable items have arrived too! I decided to share all the affordable SPRING FASHION TRENDS I’ve added to my closet for spring and where the inspiration came from. I hope you find some pieces and some inspiration too. Be sure to check out my FULL explanation on Youtube! 


So so so obsessed with Christian Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” tee and the bougie designer logo tees Gucci and Dior shared in their latest collections. They’re super simple, but totally pack a lot of punch. Obviously, can’t afford a $500 tee, but I found some rad alternatives at Topshop (Females of the Future tee I’m rocking on Instagram and on Youtube) and some designer knockoffs on Ebay. Here are some amazing Gucci knock off tees here, this one here is only $13, and this one is similar to the one I shared on my Youtube channel. Shared some rad logo tees below. 



I’ve never been one for large earrings, but the unique earrings I saw in Stella McCartney’s Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent’s collections really piqued my interested. They’re super feminine and easily accessorize an outfit. Shared some affordable and cool options below. 



Total shocker, but OBSESSED with Levis and have added some more styles for Spring. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen how much I rock them. They’re even better when you can customize them and get them fitted to your body type!  I get ALL my denim done by my girl Fox at Foxhole. I have a Youtube video in the works with Fox and she’ll be sharing some easy tips if you don’t have someone locally that can tailor your denim. I will say there is a difference between going to the tailor to get your denim fitted and going to someone who can custom fit your denim like Fox, but both do the job. I shared a Reformation DIY video last year about going to a tailor to fit your denim.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good Leather Jacket, but there is something way rad about an embellished LEATHER JACKET. Coach 1941, Alexander Mcqueen, and Christian Dior shared some unique denim, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and embellish a leather jacket myself. I found a BLANK NYC faux leather jacket on sale at Nordstrom for $39, so I painted it myself. The jacket is still available, but not for as cheap as I bought it for. I will be sharing a Youtube video about how to do paint a leather jacket yourself and what I put on it real soon, so be sure to subscribe to channel to get notified when it’s up! If DIYs aren’t your thing, I found some cool embellished styles below. 




I fell in LOVE with Christian Dior’s sheer vibes and really thought it would be such a fun way to embrace and bring in Spring. It’s flirty and feminine and usually spring is about floral prints, but a sheer top is light and airy and fresh for Spring. Some rad sheer  and affordable options are below. 




Red isn’t really a spring color in my opinion, but there is something fresh about it that made me search for some pieces to add to per my closet! I fell in LOVE with a pair of red lace up heels and found a super affordable pair from Steve Madden as well as a cool off the shoulder top from Forever 21. 





Crop tops are a MUST for me. They’re flirty and fun and perfect for warm weather. They’re really not something many people gravitate towards, but they really go with anything! Maxi skirts, mini skirts, high waist paints or shorts too! Shared some of my favorite options below! 

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