My PARENTS never let a day go by without telling me how much they LOVED me, the importance of staying TRUE to myself,  and the importance of being my own HERO. The LOVE part I understood and felt and the be your own HERO part was making sure I didn’t idolize anyone, because we’re ALL the SAME, but how to stay TRUE to myself was a struggle. I  always wondered what being TRUE to myself meant?  I understood how important TRUTH was to life, but being HONEST to myself seemed to take too much effort. It took me 13 years to fully understand those words of wisdom; a little life experience brought perspective on being TRUE.

Shakespeare’s HAMLET shares a similar sentiment — “TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE.” Advice given from a Father to Son on being mindful of his best interests and not to do anything that questions his character. My Parents and Shakespeare were on to something, but it’s hard to understand that if you’re not conscious of the life you’re living and the person you want to become.

We’re brought into this world to be someone. To do something. We have crazy temptations in this world too that make it hard to stay TRUE or seek out who you are and who you want to become. I can say being HEAD STRONG and TRUTHFUL to your own HAPPINESS helps. I struggled in Elementary School, Junior High, High School and even College to be TRUE to myself. When I was at home I knew who I was and always seemed to breathe a little easier, because I wasn’t worrying if what I was doing or wearing was ‘COOL’. As a child my DAD hated when I said I can’t wear that… it’s not COOL and it doesn’t have a LOGO on the front; a time when logos and brands we’re a must for acceptance. It was a frivolous mentality for a child, but I’m happy I had Parents who were tough on me understanding that there is more to life and who I am than being labeled ‘COOL’ by people with little life experience. The TRUE LOVE and support I had at home seemed to protect me from being an UN-TRUTHFUL version of myself, but the challenge was staying to TRUE to myself around people that didn’t know me.

It’s hard to be true, when people are judging you on your clothing, the drugs and alcohol you’re not doing, or the thrill-seeking you prefer not to do, but then again it’s CARING about what others think of you that make it hard. I’ve realized being TRUE  to myself is easy. It’s doing what makes you HAPPY; what brings a smile to your face, what makes you feel at peace, what you do that makes you proud and as Shakepeare put it… what is loyal to your best interests.

I couldn’t be anymore STOKED on where being TRUE to myself has lead me.

So, be TRUE to yourself.

Trust me.

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