Life is an uphill battle for EVERYONE. We all experience FEAR, SADNESS, HAPPINESS, ANGER, + ANXIETY and when those feelings + emotions surface why does it seem the world is our adversary and we’re fighting it alone? Well, we’re not and there are some really RAD people that dedicate their TIME to help the rest of the world  understand we ALL deal with those uncertainties. A favorite of mine is AMANDA DE CADENET. She has a show + site dedicated to women called THE CONVERSATION WITH AMANDA DE CADENET. Her mission is to  bring awareness to obstacles some of our favorite females deal with and how important it is to embrace our uniqueness in order to make this journey (LIFE) more bearable.

I recently caught up on the latest episodes and the conversation with JAMIE KING stuck. Ms. King mentioned it “takes so much COURAGE to be who you are,” which really resonated with me and I’m sure EVERYONE.

I’m in my early twenties and like most I’m on a mission to find happiness and be content with the path I’m on, but as life happens and interactions with people occur being CONFIDENT with who I am and what I want has proven to be difficult at times. Peoples opinions influence me, being sensitive to peoples feelings sets me back, +  being scared makes me uncertain and question my decisions. Sharing that makes all those emotions seem ridiculous, but  it happens.  I recently decided to have the COURAGE to do what makes me happy, be open to experiences and be confident + trust those experiences, because they’re contributing to my evolution.

Life is TOO short to not be happy and sometimes doing what makes us happy is scary, so just remember to have COURAGE.

It’s more than OKAY to be who you are. Embrace it.

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