Lace is the epitome of femininity and lady-like dressing. I don’t wear it enough, because I love my denim, but I’m really love the prettiness and sexiness of these photos, so I’m kind of craving a lace addition.  I’m loving these photos – the sheerness and contrast of skin and the fabric and the peek-a-boo of undies and a bra. From the looks of it, these photos prove, lace is for any style – super feminine to cool and tough. 




   IMLVH_PrettyLace_23IMLVH_PrettyLace_19 IMLVH_PrettyLace_22

 IMLVH_PrettyLace_24 IMLVH_PrettyLace_34 IMLVH_PrettyLace_17IMLVH_PrettyLace_10IMLVH_PrettyLace_49 IMLVH_PrettyLace_8 IMLVH_PrettyLace_2 IMLVH_PrettyLace_4 IMLVH_PrettyLace_6 IMLVH_PrettyLace_41 IMLVH_PrettyLace_15 IMLVH_PrettyLace_38 IMLVH_PrettyLace_18 IMLVH_PrettyLace_46 IMLVH_PrettyLace_21 IMLVH_PrettyLace_39

IMLVH_PrettyLace_12 IMLVH_PrettyLace_28 IMLVH_PrettyLace_3IMLVH_PrettyLace_51  IMLVH_PrettyLace_1 IMLVH_PrettyLace_20IMLVH_PrettyLace_50 IMLVH_PrettyLace_44 

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