Pitchoun Bakery



The more the city I was born in grows and develops it becomes apparent, I really don’t need to travel too far for authentic cuisine. I say that, because a new french bakery just opened it’s doors in downtown. It’s called Pitchoun Bakery and I stopped by the other day for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by the authentic French cuisine and the fresh ingredients used. When I placed my order, I was excited to learn they have breakfast too! Breakfast is my number one and their lunch made me think for a second, that lunch was my number 1! There are so many things to choose from, especially their pastries. My Mom and I chose the Peasant + Niçoise salad and since our eyes were bigger than our stomachs we also ordered the Fraiche Tartine, which was an amazing mix of goat cheese, mint, and peas on fresh baked bread. Their fresh lemonade is also something to order. Oh, and their baguettes? Make sure you take one togo! 



Peasant Salad



Fraiche Tartine


Niçoise  Salad


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