In a perfect world, I could workout and not care about washing my hair after, but that’s not how this world works. Thank GOD for product’s like OUAI DRY SHAMPOO FOAM, because it makes not washing my hair after a workout completely okay. Science is amazing, but badass girl bosses (like JEN ATKIN) that make life a bit easier, when you’re on the hustle grind, are even more amazing. I shared a full review and how to on OUAI’s DRY SHAMPOO FOAM on my Youtube channel and you’ll see I’m SUCH A FAN!! It’s a product that cleanses, leaves no residue, and adds volume for those with thinner hair too! It is pretty well rounded product if you couldn’t tell. I shared a link to the OUAI DRY SHAMPOO FOAM below as well as some other favorite OUAI products! xx


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