5k Celebrations




I started OCTOBER off with a little milestone celebration – reaching 5k on Instagram. It may not be a HUGE number to some standards, but it’s enough for me to continue believing in what I share. I’m so thankful there are babes out there that love what I share on my blog and youtube channel and I’m going to continue doing it. To celebrate I went out to dinner with some of my best girl friends at the Doheny Room in LA. It turned out to be the perfect and much needed GIRLS NIGHT OUT. 


The Big Draw


I attended an Arts event called the BIG DRAW in Downtown LA at Grand Park held by Ryman Arts. I was super excited to attend, because I’m such an advocate of art education, especially in High School. Ryman Arts is a non-profit 18 month art program for High School Students – that can’t afford art education. Thankfully I had parents that supported and encouraged my creative career hopes and it warms my heart that financial stability doesn’t have’t to prevent a creative lover from developing their talents. My parents enrolled me in Art Classes in Middle School and High School, which developed my skill set and exposed me art early enough to figure out what exactly I wanted to do in life. Not many kids have that opportunity to explore the things they love and Ryman Arts does that for free – TALK ABOUT AMAZING – so I had to go support. The Big Draw celebrated their organization and Art by inviting anyone and anyone to make art in the park, so my Bestie and I paid a visit. We made our own stamp art out of styrofoam, which reminded me of lynollem stamps I made when I was younger. They also had figure drawing and sculpting, tape art, and painting – for anyone to try. It was a beautiful day with of creating and I was happy to go see, create, and support. 




I shared a SUPER EASY DIY tutorial on my Youtube channel inspired by Kendall Jenner. She’d been rocking these super cool cut up tees and since they’re super easy to do, I decided to share how to make them on my Youtube channel. I also held a giveaway, giving one of my followers the chance to win a custom DIY rocker tee for herself.


Desert Trip


I went to DESERT TRIP with my Momma, also referred to as OLD COACHELLA, but I saw it as MODERN DAY WOODSTOCK. 6 Major rock bands, that defined classic rock performed at the Coachella fair grounds: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Who, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, and Paul McCartney. I will be honest, my MOM had to DRAG me to this festival, but I’m really glad I went. I didn’t grow up listening to classic rock, so I was afraid I wouldn’t know any of the songs and I’d be bored, but I actually knew a handful of songs and it was a blast. Are you guilty of knowing songs, but don’t know who sings them? Meeeee. Seeing these class acts live, gave me a whole new understanding and appreciations for Classic Rock. I learned they’re some of the pioneers of Rock and experimental music – the forefathers of my favorite Alternative Rock and EDM genres. It was really amazing to see History and now be able to appreciate them with a whole new understanding. And, I learned PIT is the BEST WAY to see live music. 







Since Halloween videos on Youtube are a major attraction, I thought it would be fun to create a Halloween Costume Inspiration video. I’ve always loved how Youtubers created super elaborate costumes, so I decided to experiment and embrace the holiday. I will say, my favorite costume in the video was the Panda outfit. It was such a fun thing to wear and I loved all the Instagram love I got for it too. I shared a 70s disco look and channeled Beyonce from her Lemonade album. I didn’t end up wearing any of the costumes I shared for Halloween, because I was so inspired to channel a Marc Jacobs 2017 runway collection. I found the ETSY store that created those super cool colorful dreadlocks Marc Jacobs put in his Spring 2017 runway show, so I decided to order them and embrace the vibe for Halloween. SO SO SO OBSESSED with how the hair turned out. I didn’t do anything crazy for the holiday weekend, but my Bestie and I went out to dinner and danced to celebrate on that Monday Halloween. 



Panel Talk 



 I had my First Fashion Panel talk at Loyal Marymount University for their Fashion Society. I talked about my fashion experience thus far and shared did bits of inspiration. It was really nice reflecting on my experience interning at Vogue Magazine, College Fashionista, Luv AJ, Pose, Bib+ Tuck, and Foam Magazine as well as my current jobs. I didn’t realize how easy it is to forget certain experiences, so it was a really nice to reflect on what I’ve learned and share tips and tricks for college students. 


Fall Fashion Trends

And, to finish off the Month I shared my FAVORITE FALL TRENDS on Youtube. I shared how to channel high end FALL runway looks affordably – be sure to check it out for some FALL inspiration. 

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