MomoFuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

 So, if you follow me on INSTAGRAM or regularly read my blog, then you’re well aware my Birthday was a month ago and that I started a Youtube Channel to get a bit more in depth about my love for food and fashion. I mentioned back in February with my Organic Rice Krispie Treat recipe I shared,  that my Mom and I would be working together to share different recipes, which I’m calling #inmymothersoffice. The first video and second food post is about the BEAUTIFUL Birthday cake she made me. I was so in love with the idea of having a Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake, but the cost of having it shipped from New York, which is a service they offer, was a little too much. My Mom saw how excited I was about having that particular cake, so she made me a faux one. We saw the recipe in their cookbook and saw some versions online, so my Mom gave it a go, which I’ve shared on my Youtube channel. If you’re interested in the recipe, you can buy Momofuku’s Milk Bar Cookbook both new or used off Amazon. The cake was such a hit amongst my friends. They had never seen anything like it and what was even more special was having a homemade cake to celebrate with, made specially by the Woman who carried me into this world. My friends were obsessed with it (you can see through some of my iPhone pics) and my Mom ended up re-making the cake for my good friend’s Graduation party and  my Cousin’s 13th Birthday. The cake is definitely an attention grabber – by both the eyes and the taste buds.  

 I also thought I’d share some affordable goodies that will spice up ANY Birthday celebration. 

And, check out how my Mom made my cake, in the video below!





 Momofuku Milkbar Birthday Party Cake Momofuku Milkbar Birthday Party Cake


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