Can we talk about the fact I’m actually rocking a headband and I’m diggin’ it??? My BEST FRIEND called me out about it the other day. Headbands were her staple growing up, which was an important difference for two girls trying to stand out amongst the the sea of uniforms; her headbands and my flowers were our emblems of individuality. She also brought up that the closet thing to a headband I was ever caught in was a tiara — yes, a tiara. I would find any excuse to rock one and you better believe I did. I have tiaras saved from my 15th Birthday up until my 22nd Birthday and besides tiaras headbands just never registered with me.

The one I’m rocking is by HEADPEACE LOVE and I’m OBSESSED. It adds the right amount of done to my hair without actually being done, which is important for someone like me, since my Dad is ALWAYS calling me out about NEVER doing my hair. HEADPEACELOVE were beyond kind to send me the one I’m wearing, called the KAYLA, which I ABSOLUTELY love, since it reminds me of my BE-LOVED tiaras, and the JANE!

Since I’ve gotten my hands on these HEADPEACELOVE headbands I can’t stop thinking about the endless ways to rock them.


Funny thing, is this editorial I found off of LE FASHION is how I’ve been wearing them lately.


 I love the idea of adding the KAYLA to low-bun instead of a tiny-braid like VALENTINO did.


And, part of me thinks it would be rad if I could stick the JANE down the middle like ALEXANDER WANG did with tape, but the LOUIS VUITTON way is ideal.





DSC_70024 copy

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