Either you LOVE her or HATE her, but she’s KILLIN’ it these days and I can’t help but LOVE her. It’s not her TRENDY style I find appealing, but her effortless + badass attitude. Let me be clear, the way she exposes her romance with weed isn’t attractive to me– to each their own– but in terms of style and badass-ness I dig it, plus her catchy SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND tune my DAD and I sing to each other has created some really great memories for me. ย I’m not interested in replicating her style, especially since her height, sex appeal, and income don’t exactly match mine, but that RED LIP…

RED LIPS are a classic. A fashion staple of the well-groomed and polished, but these days ย a RED LIP has become KICK-ASS, SEXY, and BITCHIN’. Who doesn’t want to feel all of that. If RIHANNA’S collaboration with MAC will get me to that level for $16.01 I’m DOWN. Don’t worry I’m not that naive, this collaboration was a GREAT marketing scheme for both parties, but for that so-called confidence boost I’m a sucker.

Here’s to feeling KICK-ASS, SEXY, and BITCHIN’.

Thanks RIRI.

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