Either you LOVE her or HATE her, but she’s KILLIN’ it these days and I can’t help but LOVE her. It’s not her TRENDY style I find appealing, but her effortless + badass attitude. Let me be clear, the way she exposes her romance with weed isn’t attractive to me– to each their own– but in terms of style and badass-ness I dig it, plus her catchy SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND tune my DAD and I sing to each other has created some really great memories for me.  I’m not interested in replicating her style, especially since her height, sex appeal, and income don’t exactly match mine, but that RED LIP…

RED LIPS are a classic. A fashion staple of the well-groomed and polished, but these days  a RED LIP has become KICK-ASS, SEXY, and BITCHIN’. Who doesn’t want to feel all of that. If RIHANNA’S collaboration with MAC will get me to that level for $16.01 I’m DOWN. Don’t worry I’m not that naive, this collaboration was a GREAT marketing scheme for both parties, but for that so-called confidence boost I’m a sucker.

Here’s to feeling KICK-ASS, SEXY, and BITCHIN’.

Thanks RIRI.

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