I would LOVE to share I thought long and hard about my decision to get bangs and that I created this collage as a guide for my hairstylist to follow, but I didn’t. I created it after my got my bangs and for the sole purpose of this post.

Sadly, I don’t ever plan. I’m very impulsive, which I can’t say is a bad thing, since it hasn’t deterred me in the wrong direction (too much) and has made for a really fun and exciting life.

On that note…

My decision for bangs happened while sitting in the salon chair for my routine TRIM. I’ve been really loving the length lately, but wanted something NEW too. A big contradiction if I don’t say so myself. I decided on more painted on highlights and while my painted on highlights cooked the idea of BANGS popped into my head. I had them as a kid, but remember I HATED them. Being the impulsive person I am I figured hating them at age 5, 8, and 10 would probably be a lot different than at 23, so I went for it.

I LOVE them. It was the right amount of NEW without cutting too much of my mane. EVERYONE tells me it’ll be more work when getting ready, but the extra 10 min will do me good; I’m pretty lazy when it comes to spending time getting ready; it falls under planning and I don’t really do that. I also love the fact the BANGS freshin’ up my three go-to do’s.

The HALF-UP, the ALL down, and the TOP-KNOT.








Moral of my bang story is that being impulsive can be a good thing; as long as it’s not putting you or anyone in DANGER. Life is too short to not be open to change and doing NEW things. Living life to the fullest is about taking risks and ALWAYS being up for a change. Whether it’s getting BANGS, moving to another place, or an entire LIFE STYLE change; it’s a POSITIVE thing.  I LOVE change.  Sometimes it’s GOOD and sometimes it’s BAD, a lot of the times SCARY, but it’s all part of the cycle we’re living.

Do you have any impulse experiences/purchases you don’t regret? Share with me.

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