1. Concealer 2. Foundation  (Great Set) 3. Eyelash Curler 4. Bronzer 5. Blush 6. Powder  7. Brow Pencil 8. Mascara

I LOVE makeup, but I prefer the ‘natural’ not so done look on the regular and these products help me achieve that. I’m a bit paranoid with products. I like to stay on the healthy/organic/eco-friendly side of the spectrum, but that’s always hard, because no makeup at all is the only ACTUAL way to do so. I ALWAYS make sure my products are paraben and sulfate free at best, due to the fact I have sensitive skin, so I break out easily around my hair line and it’s the worst.  I’m also picky with my mascara too. Certain  mascaras, no matter what brand (expensive or cheap) make my eyelashes fall out, which is super annoying for someone with short lashes already. I have yet to try eyelash extensions, because having chemicals so close to my eye freaks me out too. By accident I found ALMAY to be a great option, but I recently discovered Korres Volcanic Minerals Mascara and it’s pretty amazing. I love volume and lengthening and this does it, while simultaneously being a somewhat ‘healthier’ alternative. As far as my brows, I’m pretty fortunate to have thick brows, thanks to my Pops, but I like to fill them in a bit. Anastsia has a great natural-looking brow pencil. I LOVE a rosy glow, so blush is a must. Cream blushes give me an amazing healthy glow. You can score all these products at Sephora. Each are around $20, which can be pricey in one buy, but they last. I promise. I pick up these products once to twice a year, so it’s definitely a good buy; when you apply with the right brushes you only need so much.

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