Sharing my ALL NATURAL beauty secrets

Lucky Magazine asked me to share my ALL NATURAL BEAUTY secrets. I’m a no-fuss kind of girl when it comes to my beauty routine. My attention span is pretty short, so if it takes longer than 20 min I’m not interested. The only time I spend more than 20 min on something is for work or when making something to eat.  I blame my short attention span, but I’m also a firm believer BEAUTY comes from within and we shouldn’t mask what we got only enhance it. If we’re all born different and no two people are the same, shouldn’t we embrace our uniqueness and find the beauty in it?  The answer is yes, we should.

The beauty tips I’m sharing are what I do on the regular and best yet, they’re ALL natural, super easy, and will only enhance what you got.


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 7+ hours of sleep is not only beneficial to preventing bags/dark circles under your eyes, but is great for both your mental and physical well-being. It allows your mind to rest and be sharp and alert for the following day, you’ll have energy stored without having to rely on caffeine to keep you going,  and my favorite reason for sleep is not waking up grumpy. When you sleep you wake up happy and when you wake up happy you feel beautiful. If that’s not convincing enough then remember being grumpy makes you scowl, inducing fine lines and wrinkles in the wrong places, but when you’re happy that doesn’t happen.


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I’m aware we ALL have different hair. Texture, length, amount, and color, but let your hair be itself and the best way to do that is to let it dry naturally. If you’re not comfortable with your hair in its natural state stop being insecure and embrace yourself. Let it be while you’re home or heading to the movies or something super low-key like a girls night in; the movie theatre is too dark for anyone to notice and TRUE friends don’t care how your hair is or what you look like. When you’re hair is in its natural state your protecting it from the damaging things we do it daily, like the heat from blow drying, curling or flat irons, and hair products.

Allow it to breathe, so  just let your hair be.


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Take care of your skin. There is no better time to start taking care of skin than while we’re young. I don’t think I’m that young, but I’ve been washing, moisturizing, and protecting my skin religiously since I was 16. Washing and sunblock is crucial, but moisturizing is super important. You’re not going to skip priming before you paint right? Moisturizing is very similar.  There are some misconceptions about moisturizing, especially for someone like me who has combination/oily skin. I never thought moisturizer was necessary for me, but I learned when we wash our face we strip away natural oils, which is our body’s natural moisturizer, so when we finish with a moisturizer we stop the over-production of oil– a major cause of oily skin and clogged pores. I tend to alternate from cream to oil moisturizers and lately my go-to is  Seventh Generation’s Skin Serum. I like it alone but it can  be mixed with your favorite moisturizer as an extra moisture boost. It’s an all natural plant-based serum, so think of it like a green juice for your face.



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It’s my FAVORITE kind of juice. It makes me feel good and when I feel good inside it shows on the outside. There are so many positive effects from drinking a GREEN JUICE. It’s an easy way to meet the daily veggie requirement we don’t always meet, the vitamins and nutrients we acquire is baffling, but my favorite is the radiance and glow my skin has from daily drinking. Since I’m not a coffee drinker it’s my morning perk me up too. I don’t have a juice shop conveniently near me, so I make my own at home. If you don’t have a juicer a blender works just as fine. They’re so easy to make and you can tailor your juice to your liking too.

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My favorite concoction is made up of celery, spinach, parsley, carrots, cucumber, kale, and apples. A little secret is the more apples you put the sweeter it’ll taste and if you add lemon you get a yummy lemonade tasting juice.

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