Circa pre-teen through my teenage years, besides fashion, my life revolved around music: stacks on stacks of CDs, CD cases for my collection, my stereo, my CD player, for when I was on the go, then my iPod, iTunes gift cards, downloading music, and making CDS. My life still revolves around music, it’s a daily must for me and that must got so much more exciting a couple days ago, when I heard a band I loved whole-heartedly playing on the radio: HELLOGOODEBYE. They have a  fresh new sound, a bit more developed, yet still very HELLOGOODBYE. When I heard them on the radio the other day, I was instantly transported back to my teenage music obsession. They were a So-cal obsession, especially for those in the OC area, as they were Huntington Beach natives, and a classic for me. Their songs got me through age 14-17, crushes, awkward adolescence and confusing teen years, so I’m pretty thrilled about their new album. This time around it’ll get me through the crossroads of my 20’s, graduate school, the hustle of developing my career, and the trials and tribulations of being an adult.

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