I’m so so excited to share I’m a Glossier REP!!! It’s really exciting to be able to represent a company that I’m actually a fan of! Being a rep means I get the opportunity to try new products and earn a commission on any products purchased from my little Glossier store on their site. Being able to earn a commission from products you buy, gives me the opportunity to continue sharing my LOVE for affordable fashion.  If you’ve NEVER tried their product I shared a full review of the products I like and don’t like  in my last Youtube video and if you’ve never tried Glossier you get 20% off! Let me know if you try the products and what your favorite products are – as you’ll find out, I really love them all! 

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IMLVH_Glossier_LizbethHernandez4 IMLVH_Glossier_LizbethHernandez4 IMLVH_Glossier_LizbethHernandez4

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