As ya’ll KNOW… I’m a GLOSSIER REP!!! Meaning, I get to TALK ABOUT my FAVORITE makeup and skincare brand (and NOW BODY CARE) and get the opportunity to  earn a little commission from whatever you buy – helping me to continue to share my LOVE for FASHION and EASY BEAUTY on my blog and Youtube Channel.

Honestly, I never thought I would be sharing beauty with you. There are SOOO many amazing Beauty Gurus out there and having a whole beauty regime and makeup routine was sooo tedious and time consuming to me, but after trying out GLOSSIER and becoming a rep – I’ve found a whole new love and appreciation for beauty and skincare (and body care too) and finding things that make it easy and effortless for the LAZY GIRL I AM. Especially, being part of such an inclusive     and body positive company!!! (** still squealing that they shared my body positive Instagram post on their Instagram.)

I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there, but I’m really excited to share my new found love for beauty and this GLOSSIER opportunity….. but back to what this blog post is all about – THE PHASE 1 & PHASE 2 SETS!!!



The PHASE 1 & PHASE 2 SETS recently got a price cut, so from the $80, you can get the Phase 1 set for $45 and the Phase 2 for $40. They’re your not so BASIC GLOSSIER products and the staples in my Skin Care Regime and Beauty routine.

THE PHASE SETS are your basic GLOSSIER essentials – they’re a great way to dip your toe into Glossier and introduce yourself to the range. They’re customizable, so you get to pick what flavor Balm Dot Com you want and what color BOY BROW and STRETCH CONCEALER match your skin tone and what GEN G lip color is more you.



PHASE 1 Setis ALL ABOUT Skin care – It’s the backbone to your skincare routine. These 3 products will be the ones that will prep your skin, keep your skin clean and moisturized.


  • Milky Gel Cleanser – Dissolves makeup and grime. It’s not my favorite as a facial cleanser, because I need my cleanser to really lather, cut buildup and grime, but most importantly  keeps my acne at bay, so I use the milky gel as a makeup remover.
  • Priming Moisturizer – Hydrates,  plumps skin, eliminates redness, soothes skin and minimizes pores. It’s a buildable moisturizer that’s great for sensitive and oily skin, it is definitely not the moisturizer for COLD WINTER MONTHS.
  • Balm Dot Com – soothes dry and chafed skin – perfect for your cuticles, dry patches, and those pesky dry knees and elbows. There are 5 flavors Original, Cherry, Rose, Coconut, and Mint – the last 3 are my favs. I like the original for moisturizing cuticles, knees and elbows. Cherry is NOT my favorite. It reminds me of HALLS cough drops, but that might be your thing.




Phase 2 Set is the make up set. Look at it as the products that will help you get ready for the day.IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_Glossier_Phase2set

  • Boy Brow – grooms, thickens, and tames your brows – it’s not sticky, it holds, and is surprisingly moisturizing. It was inspired by hair pomade, so it’s soft, flexible, and doesn’t flake, plus you can Fluff brows into shape. It comes in Blond, Brown, Black, and Clear. 
  • Stretch Concealer is MY FAAAV – it conceals and moisturizes and most surprisingly helps hide the gnarliest dark spots. It’s made with elastic micro waxed that move with your face and nourishing oils that give skin a youthful finish. I like using this with a beauty blender/sponge.  You won’t get that spackled, cakey, or un natural look from this concealer, so keep that in mind if you like that FULL FULL FULL cover look. I prefer subtle buildable coverage. I like to go a shade lighter under eye and then use the exact shade of my skin to cover dark spots. My colors are Medium (under eye) and Dark (dark spots).
  • Generation G –  Are the sheer matte lip colors that comes in 6 shades. It gives you a look and finish of a blotted lipstick. My 3 favs are Zip, Leo, and Crush. I like color when it comes to lip stick, so I’m into Zip and Crush more – still have yet to try JAM, but they have the nicest sheer colors range. I’m not super into the sheer GEN G’s because I rather stick to gloss or balm dot calm for a natural look sheer look. But, if sheer colors are your thing, Glossier definitely has some great options for you.

I hope you liked this break down. If you HAVE ANY QUESTIONS feel free to email me ( or slide through my DMs.
And, if you’re ready to purchase – shop with me HERE!



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