IMLVH_Glossier_InvisibleShieldIMLVH_Glossier_InvisibleShieldIMLVH_Glossier_InvisibleShieldEvery. Single. Day. we need to have safe sun!

Glossier’s invisible shield isn’t your average sunscreen. Yes it will protect you from UVA + UVB rays, which are the causes of sun burn, aging skin, and skin cancer, but this clear broad spectrum suncreen will also protect you from pollution and free radicals. That’s why it’s called the invisible shield! It’s like the (almost) everything protection!  

Wearing sunscreen is one of those things you should be using and doing, but you don’t.

You know you should be eating your veggies, but they taste bad.

You know you should Work out, but it’s exhausting or you’re a little too lazy.

Sunscreen has been one of those things, but it’s oily and annoying, so you don’t wear it.

But, Sunscreen should be part of your daily routine. It should be just as important as showering and brushing your teeth.

Most sunscreens can clog your pores, make you feel super oily, leaves a white cast on your face, or doesn’t blend well with your makeup, but I’m happy to share GLOSSIER took all those concerns and developed their invisible shield sunscreen that wont clog your pores, leave you skin super oily, it’s CLEAR, so no white cast, and its undetectable under your makeup! Glossier’s Invisible Shield… is breathable, protective, and smells so fresh and clean!

But, lets get down to some MAJOR facts!!! SPF is very important, because it protects your skin against UVA + UVB rays!!

SPF (sun protection factor) is the number that measures a sunscreen’s ability to filter UVB rays, which cause sunburn and skin cancer, SPF doesn’t tell you about about UVA protection. What’s scary is that UVA rays are just as important and around every day! These rays go through window glass, especially if you live in your car like I do. UVA is what leads to pigmentation and aging, because it penetrates darker in the skin and affects your collagen.

  • In the car (including an Uber): The glass in your car doesn’t block UVA rays, which penetrate even deeper into the skin than UVB rays. UVA rays cause premature signs of aging and can lead to skin cancer.
  • Out in the street: Especially for you city-dwellers (take a minute to picture all the car pollution, smoke, smog, and free radicals). What do free radicals do? Destroy skin cells, and cause sagging and wrinkles. Rude.
  • At your desk: A study by Unilever Skincare Research shows that four days in front of a computer is equally as damaging as 20 minutes in the afternoon sun. So, even if you’re NEVER caught outside or in the sun (are you a vampire?), sun damage happens. Be proactive. Put on sunscreen.

Key Ingredients:

Active Micro Capsules: Tiny spears packed with UVA and UVB freshly delivered to your skin with every application.

H20: Water gel formula, which means the sunscreen is not oily or sticky

Antioxidant complex: a mix of vitamin e, vitamin p, broccoli, and aloe leaf that neutralizes radicals in your skin.

Fermented Yeast and Vegetable Extract: Creates an invisible and breatheable martix (shield) on top of skin, that prevents pollution from getting in.

Sweet orange essential oil:  smells like oranges, but with a beach twist!

It’s Vegan, Gluten Free, but not Grain Free.
Also… this isn’t WATERPROOF, so if you’re at the beach or by the pool, you’ll need to reapply after your dip!

I definitely think it’s a must in your skincare routi, so go get yourself one!


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