Magenta Gerber Daisies

 A quick little post, dedicated to loving all things bright and happy: photographs, artwork, and flowers.  When I saw the orange wall in my room and the magenta gerber daisies in the daylight I had to shoot them. The colors totally brightened up my mood 10-fold and I liked how cool my DIY artwork (a framed fashion editorial of Kate Moss), that I mindlessly left on my night stand, looked leaning against the wall. 

Did you know there is a whole science about colors effect on people? Different colors psychologically stimulate people differently, both positively and negatively, and various brands and industries take that into consideration, when their marketing their products. 

If you couldn’t tell by my orange wall, orange is my favorite color.  Frank Sinatra is quoted saying… “Orange is the happiest color” and I couldn’t agree more, but I also learned it’s a color of stimulation and enthusiasm. It’s an uplifting color and is a mix of passion and joy. Magenta is supposedly the color of universal harmony and emotional balance, it represents cheerfulness, happiness, and appreciation.  

So, when you combine the two, you get one happy, cheerful, and energetic morning. Talk about a good way to brighten up your Wednesday! 

 Magenta Gerber Daisies

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