So, excited to share this DIY denim Foxhole collaboration video with you ALL!!

If you didn’t notice already, I live in vintage denim. It’s been a love of mine, since I was a teenager – thanks to my Mom and Grandpa. And, once I discovered FOXHOLE, my love for vintage denim grew into a (little) obsession. You can see me wearing vintages denim here, here, here, and here. LITERALLY, EVERYDAY. 

When REDONE jeans came out, I really loved the modern fitted look, but the price tag and my 5’1 physic and curves made those gorgeous looking jeans a dream.  I randomly  decided to take vintage Levis to the tailor to attempt that fitted REDONE look and it kind of worked. I shared a DIY on How to get Redone Jeans on my  Youtube channel a couple years ago, but shortly after I met FOX (she’s a denim specialist and owns the Foxhole) and I learned there is a big difference between a denim specialist versus visiting the tailor.

A denim specialist knows the fit and cut of denim and can REALLY give you a pair of vintage denim that is special and personally you. They fit, distress, and totally customize denim you’ve always dreamed of. And, that’s what I love about vintage denim: it’s cool and unique and you can get super personal with it. So,   from my experience with Fox and my latest Youtube video, the best way to get perfect fitting denim is to get it custom fit to your body and booty.

IMLVH_LizbethHernandez_FoxholeIf you’re no tin the LA area or don’t have a denim specialist near by, Fox shared some tips and tricks on how you can DIY  your own perfect fitting denim in my latest Youtube video (above)!! 

 I’ll also be sharing ALL my favorite denim as well as 10 ways to style denim on my youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for that!! 

And, please let me know if you customize your own denim, I’d LOVE to see it.






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