A couple weeks ago a follower asked me to share my favorite places to buy good jewelry that won’t hurt her wallet. I thought that was such a good question, because I’ve been annoyed with fast fashion jewelry. I’m so over jewelry fading, breaking, and not being wearable after a couple months. Lately, I’ve pulling pieces from my Mom’s jewelry box, thrifting, and finding jewelry brands with classic styles made with quality. I’ve been wearing jewelry that is more timeless and I’ve been getting so many compliments. I’m still noting down all my favorite stores to buy from, so stay tuned for that post, but in the mean time I wanted to introduce you to Charles & Colvard.  

They reached out a couple weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in collaborating and sharing their brand with you babes. After I peeped what they’re about, I said yes, because they’re the perfect example of a brand providing fine jewelry for babes (or dudes looking for jewelry for their babes) that isn’t crazy expensive. They’ve partnered with Iconery jewelry to offer unique, ethical jewelry that’s within reach. I was shocked how their 14k gold, rose gold, and white gold pieces could be decently priced and learned their jewelry is affordable due to a special stone that they use. All of their jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) use a gemstone called moissanite. 


The stone looks like a diamond, but I have to be clear moissanite is not a diamond or trying be a diamond. Moissanite is a white stone, like a diamond, but actually more brilliant than a diamond. Moissanite stones are lab made, so that’s why Charles & Colvard jewelry is more affordable compared to it’s diamond counterpart. The jewelry is still fine jewelry, because the stones are set in 14k gold, white gold, and rose gold. I also love knowing that the stone is sustainable, so you’ll feel good wearing jewelry that is ethical and responsible. 

IMLVH_Charles&Colvard_Moissanite_IconeryJewlery_Affordablefinejewlelry IMLVH_Charles&Colvard_Moissanite_IconeryJewlery_Affordablefinejewlelry

The rings I’m wearing are their stackable rings.  I have the twisted stackable ring,  this stackable band, and this stackable band. You can pick and choose and customize your stack. You can copy my set or make something entirely unique. I’m so excited to have learned about this collaboration and so excited to share it with you. 

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