Every  biog post I write will always encourage you babes to do you. And, I will always remind you that life is too short, so I highly encourage you to try new things and embrace trends too. There is so much beauty in experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ll evolve and that’s a good thing. Life is about growing and evolving and trying new things, but most of all being happy. Some of my favorite pieces have evolved from stepping out of my comfort zone and when it’s a favorite I feel so good wearing it – vintage Levis and happy long nails. When I feel good, I feel confident, and when I’m confident I’m happy. 

Which is why I love when a new season rolls around, I love seeing new ways to style clothes, so I can try new ways to style pieces.  I don’t have the money to purchase an entire wardrobe for a new season, so I like to bring in a handful of pieces to style with my basics.  Lets be honest, fashion repeats itself, so that’s when vintage shopping and thrifting comes in clutch too, because you can try something new without spending too much money. You just have to go in with a little inspo, take some time for searching and keep your eyes open! I’ll be sharing more on Spring trends next week, so stay tuned for that! You can expect a new blog post and Youtube video

So, as we head into a new season, I’m writing this post to encourage you babes and remind you babes to try a new trend or a new style you’re eyeing. I feel like we love when we see our favorite bloggers wear something cool and new, or even a friend, then we start seeing more babes wear it  and get more inclined to try it for ourselves. I’m guilty of that!! I click the affiliate link, put it in my cart, but then get scared as I type in my credit card. I start over-thinking the purchase and start talking myself out of it, say negatives things like:

  • It won’t look good on me.
  • Too many girls have it and I don’t want to be like everyone else.
  • Or It’s too expensive.

And, X out the website. But, I’m over that! I’m not talking about the good voice that tells you to stop impulse shopping or stop the over consumption, because that’s a good voice in your head.  I’m talking bout the negative back talk that stops your from stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new. How many times have you really wanted something? You tried it on and it put a smile on your face and made you feel good about yourself? Sometimes it might not fit properly, but that’s okay. When it fits right and you feel good, that’s always the best feeling. Especially when you save for it like I did with my Gucci slides. Well, this recently happened to me with the I.AM.GIA Pixie Jacket. Also, known as the infamous Teddy Bear Coat

I’d seen the Pixie Coat ALL over Instagram and some super cool babes rocking it around LA too. I thought the $87 price tag was too much and EVERYONE had it, so I didn’t want the same one. Case in point, some negative talk.

 I bought a Forever 21 dupe, because it was $30 and super cozy. The only thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t zip up. I wore it and enjoyed it, but I still wanted the GIA one. I finally bit the bullet last weekend and I have worn it EVERYDAY!! I was nervous that it would be a waste, since we’re headed into spring, but rainy/winter weather has been plaguing So-Cal. And, it’s been the BEST jacket. If you follow me on Instagram it has been in a handful of photos and almost every Insta story. I love when I buy something and I wear it the same day. And, the most important thing is that it makes me smile and feel so cool. And, that’s what fashion is about for me: it’s a mental thing. A good outfit or a fun piece of clothing can make me feel badass and tough and help me conquer the day, because I feel feel so confident.  


The point of this blog post is to encourage you to buy the thing you really want to try. If you can afford it of course, but I love a good dupe if you can’t! Its the best way to experiment with a trend, because you don’t have to commit to an expensive one!  Case in point with the F21 Teddy Bear Coat and then purchasing the I.AM.GIA one.

I’m over questioning the things I really like. If we really like something, why do we second guess it? We should only second guess bad decisions. Why do we question the good ones too? Or maybe it’s just me! haha So, lets stop holding our selves back from the things we really like and that genuinely excite us. If you like it own it. And, don’t worry about what others will think! Half the time people don’t judge you and the ones that are judging you have personal problems! 

I hope this posts encourages you to try something new this spring, maybe even encourage you pick up the I.AM.GIA jacket if you’ve eyeing too, but most importantly, to encourage you step out of your comfort zone this season!

Stay tuned for my Spring update video + blog post – it’ll be up next week! I have some fun ways I’m updating my wardrobe for Spring. And, sharing how I’m stepping out of my comfort zone! 


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