I’m really excited the hair Barrett trend is back! I wrote a blog post about how much I love them, wore them, and the ones I’ve been rocking. That blog post has links to the ones I’ve been collecting and ones I’m wanting. Although, I’ve bought new hair clips I’m a big fan of DIYS, especially hair clips, they’re super easy to make. I got inspired by this jeweler @NeophyteJewels that I saw on Instagram. She has so many cute beaded clips with colorful pearls and stones and even made some barretts for Chrisel Lim.

I love DIYs and got inspired to make some unique and personalized ones myself. And, had to show how ya’ll too! And, encourage ya’ll to embrace the Barretts trend in your own way too!! You can order everything to make your Barretts on Amazon or head to your local craft store. I picked up everything at Hobby Lobby, because my Amazon order got delayed due to unusual rain.  All you need are some colorful beads, metal clips, and glue. This DIY is super simple and a great gift to give to your best gals too. 

You’ll Need: 


What I used: 



How to:

  • Pick a Barrett or Bobbi pin 

  • Apply glue to metal (let the glue sit for a couple seconds)

  • Attach bead to glue

  • Let dry for an hour


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