I love Instagram, because you can discover the most unique things ever. Today I’m talking about abstract floral arrangements. I first discovered arrangements like this through Glossier. They posted some really chic pretty pink unique arrangements on instagram and then I clicked the tag (NY & LA floral posts) and discovered a handful of florists that make them. These arrangements look so complicated, yet so easy. I decided to put my skills to the test and create my own. I thought it would be a super sweet Valentines/Galentines gift for your best girls or girlfriend. I picked up all the florals at the Original Los Angeles Floral Mart. This is where EVERY LA florist gets their florals and ALL of your favorite LA bloggers pick up flowers from too. It is open to the public, so you having a florist business necessary. Just click the hyperlink to get directions. 

These arrangements are super fun and fairly easy to make. They’re meant to be unique and different, so I did that by finding the most unique flowers and picking the same colors or the best compliments to make these unique flowers work. You can totally do this with fake flowers too. I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some colorful beads for my Barrett DIY and saw an array of fake flowers and the same unique ones that I bought (that were fake). What’s cool about the fake flowers is that the arrangement will last forever. Although, I will say there is something beautiful about seeing real flowers in the most beautiful and unique colors.

So, have fun and get creative and don’t forget to send me pics if you do this DIY too.  

You’ll Need:

  • an assortment of abstract vibrant florals
    • I used:
      • pink roses 
      • kumquats 
      • sweet peas
      • bird of paradise 
      • purple orchids
      • craspedia billy balls yellow flowers 
      • pink anthurium
  • a simple, yet modern vase (both of mine are from target)
  • Ostrich Feather (optional) 

How To:

  • Simply place 5-6 stems of the abstract flowers you bought
  • fill vase with water 


Orchid Feather Arrangement


Pink Paradise Arrangement




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